Clarifications: Before more nothing I would like to say that taste to keep with the texts a certain continuity, a certain continues in the next episode, and already it makes a time that I wrote a text that said that my life was empty, and that I was condemned to a job imbecile with telemarketing. Some things move. You know the N/A? Not it narcotic anonymous (nothing against no group of anonymous), but the Anonymous Neurotics? Therefore he is. I have depression since mine 15 years and have been pursued for these crooked feelings for all the life. Already I frequented the psychologist and already I took medication, but nothing he helped me in the long run. However since the beginning of the year I have frequented the N/A. He was thus, in January I I finished everything with loved mine, more or less as in It I finish Kiss, and I was to live in the house of my mother, not without before hearing a sonorous one: ' ' you need to treat yourself! ' ' , the implicit part: ' ' its insane person! ' ' There I to treat was me.

after finding and hugging a superior power capable me and me to cure, some things had improved in my life (because I made some thing the respect). Today I work I eat recepcionista in a school, I am my first day in the college, already I have I serve as apprentice guaranteed in the school as soon as they to contract plus a recepcionista, I am in return my house and to the arms of my wife and stopped with most of my neurosis. I really arrived to believe that he never was to obtain to make college, but thanks to my family I go to obtain. Well friends, let us see, is this