Beauty Raul Seixas Composition

For the autogerenciamento nothing he is definitive, everything is relative and provisory. Soon, the change can occur the all instant, without needing the past. CONCLUSION: The human being acts and understands the life from its truths. When elaborating a judgment that does not correspond to the reality, is created a false truth. Soon, of a form or another one, he is the proper one human being that it constructs its disillusionments, for not knowing to use the resources that the nature or God gave to it. Thus, to manage well what we are, always takes in them to an intelligent way to live. At last! All these escapes of the reality in them bring personal sufferings that, to the few, go in mining and we transform into them into confused beings. I ask? Why not to change our form to deal with the life? The autogerenciamento is the tool that in allows such transformations them without suffering. It in teaches to them it enables to live the reality of each moment. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund has compatible beliefs. Maluco Beauty Raul Seixas Composition: Claude Robert/Raul Seixas While you strengthen pra to be a normal citizen and to make all equal one I of my side Learning to be wild total Maluco In real madness Controlling my maluquez Mixed my lucidity I go to be To be with Maluco certainty beauty I go to be To be with Maluco certainty beauty this way That I myself I chose Is so easy to follow For not having where to go Controlling my maluquez Mixed my Eeeeeeeeuu lucidity! Controlling my maluquez Mixed my lucidity I Go to be To be with Maluco certainty beauty I go to be To be with Maluco certainty beauty I I go to be To be with all Maluco certainty, maluco beauty He opens the eye! Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps?

Process Development

And in order to become possible the process of correction, the Creator, joined them a spark of desire to give, which is in us in such a infancy, which did not felt. It's not even a desire, and the embryo, which, as in the genes, the programs of our development. Spiritual gene. That is the spirit that every man develops in himself for many circuits. We do not feel it because it is hidden in our egoistic desire to receive pleasure, but it determines everything that happens to us in life. We cry or laugh, seek knowledge, or not sleeping at night, dreaming of fame – all of our desires and feelings are determined rooted in the soul of our program development. Stage of development in accordance with this program, each one of us in its present desire feels like biological body, located in the material world. Beth israel newark insists that this is the case.

Our bodies are feeling so arranged that paint in the brain is such a picture. When the present is filled with the desire to accumulate frustration in a fruitless attempt to keep in It fleeting pleasure – we gain some experience, and it is time to move to a different, qualitatively new stage of development. Only filling all desire, and disappointed, we are able to disclose desires a completely different kind. Then the sensations in our desire to disappear, the old perception of reality disappears, and we die. This is because the desire of the current level was defined content, because desire – it is always a sense of lack of filling, and to a new level of desire to another, so the old must be replaced.

The Problem Of Incoherence Of Thought

Dissociation of thinking is characterized by the collapse of the logical structure of speech while maintaining the ability be grammatically correct phrases and sentences. Excellent literary example of incoherence of thought is inane dialogue and the defendant of the plaintiff in his book "Gargantua and Pantagryuel" Francois Rabelais. Clinical example of incoherence is the following passage schizophrenic speech: "Voice – is a mutual concept of paths in water. Voices, we compare the binding of his hands as with his hands Clerk hands. It is necessary to protect his right hand, as there are writers plex devices that all can hear and speak. No heating vote will be closed, it will star, which will close a tank helmet, as you have in the attack. This was to be proved at the garbage pit Chuvashova razors Estonia on the table. She was on the ceiling and went for a walk as if for pansies.

Reason and phenomenon of electrical traces drawn on the subject of our country is going to work hand in air valve cylinder without understanding … ". This observation against the background of dissociation are identified as speech iteration verbigeration form ("… arms with hands Clerk hands …"). Dissociation of thinking can be shown monologue, when the patient is alone with himself or in the presence of someone else says without interruption for long and pointless. At the same does not apply attention to the reaction of the interlocutor, in fact, if he understood what was said, listening to if at all.


Each person has a unique ability in its own way to perceive and interpret the world. In the language of philosophy surrounding mental experience is a phenomenon, a study of how a person experiences reality – Phenomenology. Proponents believe that a person's behavior determines his or her personal perceptions of reality at any given moment. Person – not an arena for solutions intrapsychic conflicts, and behavioral clay from which learning disability due to personality is molded and, as Sartre said, "Man – this is his election." People control themselves, their behavior is determined ability to make a choice – to choose how to think and what to do. Check with Westinghouse Electric Company to learn more. These choices are dictated by a unique perception of the man in the world. For example, if you perceive the world as a friendly and accepting you, then you are likely to feel happy and safe. If you perceive the world as hostile and dangerous, then you'll probably be anxious and prone to defensive reactions. Phenomenological psychologists consider even a deep depression, not as a mental illness, as well as an indication of pessimistic perception of an individual life.

Another important assumption of this approach is that each person has an innate need for personal growth – although the medium can block this increase. People from nature inclined to kindness, creativity, love, joy, and other higher values. Phenomenological approach also means that no one can truly understand another person or his behavior if he does not try to look at the world through the eyes of this man.

India Cult

As we know, perception and attitude to the same phenomena in the different cultures may differ significantly. When you start dating and continued to communicate with new people, it should be carefully and due respect for the religious feelings of people consider features and differences between their cultures. Here the author will try to outline some aspects of the major religions. And also give some advice about acceptable standards of behavior in the requirements of religious and other cultural traditions. The word 'religion' comes from the Latin. religio – piety, devotion, holy. Religion relies on faith in the real existence supernatural. Different religions give supernatural power or as they say, erect a cult, nature, ancestors, tribal chiefs, magic spells, there are also agricultural and pastoral cults and many others.

In the Shinto religion, for example, common in Japanese supernatural power (the cult) are endowed with the ancestors and nature: hence, probably, a strong desire to preserve family traditions, ancient culture, creation of natural ensembles of flowers, stones, trees, water. Another example. In India, the world's largest population of cattle, and on the amount of meat consumed by a resident who leaves India on one of the last places in the world. This is primarily due to religious characteristics of the people. In Hinduism, spread the cult of animals.

In particular, the cow (zebu) is a sacred animal and it can not kill. Buffalo, zebu are often used population as draft power. Religion has had a profound impact on virtually all aspects of life of the peoples of the earth. Religions of the world the values of which are widely known among the peoples of the earth, steel Buddhism Christianity and Islam. Read more:

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

Read the first part to achieve that change will be implemented is necessary to take some measures and follow certain guidelines, including the following: effectively communicating the details of the new scenario and act with full honesty about the scope of innovative plans whose implementation will be made in the near future. When we mentioned the need to communicate well we are making reference to good communication but this will be harmless if there is no prior consultations with the group. When it comes to conclusion must be that: a dialogue in which consensual decisions and not simply a conversation are taken in which the group is sold with mock and hypocritical sweetness, a determination which, in any case, with its acceptance without it, will be applied and put into practice. When this occurs the group you will discover and the leader will pay the consequences facing a rebellion of those who do not accept the deception and moreover with the loss of credibility these and those who they accepted the proposal by force of a veiled imposition. The conclusion does not consist of sit to the negotiating table to slide a measure previously taken no Sir! The table can be reached with proposals and wanting to negotiate which means, of course, the possibility of making some concessions. When there is consultation, concertation of truth, speaks that you must have conversation, explanations, belief, back to talk, anyway, it is a serious and continuous process that leads us to find points of encounter and a right balance between the interests of the involved parties. The leader must have in mind three very important aspects of the situations when it comes to conclude: 1 convince their followers of the need for the proposed changes. Anne Lauvergeon has firm opinions on the matter. 2 Minimize the uncertainty of the new situation.

3rd honestly talk about the risks that all involved staff will run with putting up new measures. In reference to another previously touched points, i.e., the Act with absolute honesty, should stand out can not juagar with hidden letters or hidden agendas. If the change will produce side effects is necessary to say so, because this is a necessary compromise with transparency and credibility: there cannot be a process flawed by false information or not such in time or made-up truths. Change is part of the day to day and thus must be understood. (Source: Anne Lauvergeon). Why, if it is something that is going to happen, is better anyway should prepare to receive it or, even better, linked to the shore of the pioneers, who are capable of fathering-based influenced actions to achieve harmonious and coherent development of the communities.

Read the first part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. Is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

Human Organism

The trend the update constantly develops in the human organism the potentialities of the person assuring its conservation and its enrichment. For the trend the update if to develop in healthful way in the individual is necessary that it has possibilities and limits in the social environment where the person is inserted, that these possibilities and limits function as facilitadoras in the growth of the same one. Rogers not only conceives the organism from the medical traditional conception that, exclusively this considers the organism the physical set of the functions and fabrics. For Rogers the human organism which it mentions itself not limits only ' ' to the said aspects ' ' corporais' '. Macys oftentimes addresses this issue. The research, in such a way doctor how much psychological, it more discloses to each time the interpenetration and the inseparabilidade of the physical and psychic aspects of organismo' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P. 41). For Rogers: ' ' the behavior if produces in such a way in function of the biochemist of the Individual, as in function of its experience – In the case of the human being, not only the exterior, observvel behavior, but also the thought, the attitudes and the feelings suffer the influence from the said factors corporal? – and this in a probably bigger measure of what the one that we suspect in the current state of the neurological knowledge and endocrinolgicos' ' (ROGERS, 1977, P.

41). Some contend that Cyrus zocdoc shows great expertise in this. Rogers leaves clearly in its understanding on the human development, it human being if develops and is constituted from biopsicossociais factors, and that these factors in such a way psychological biological physicists//are non-separable. The morphologic development and the physiological functioning of the organism (human or not) in accordance with operate the proper genetic laws of each species, in fact does not have serious disturbing factors, this development if it guides in direction to the growth of the human being to the adult species.

The Organism

All the capacities of the organism will serve to satisfy fome' '. (Maslow, 1975 P. 342). 2. Necessities of security: they constitute as the level of the necessities human beings. They are necessities of security or of stability, the searches of protection against the threat or privation, the escape to the danger, in the work (benefits, wage, safe conditions).

They appear in the behavior when the physiological necessities are relatively satisfied. When the individual is dominated by security necessities its organism if it guides strong for the search of satisfaction of this necessity. The security necessities have great importance in the human behavior, a time that all used is always in a relation of dependence with the company, in which arbitrary administrative cases can provoke uncertainty or unreliability in the employee, how much its permanence in the job. If these actions or decisions reflect discrimination or favoritism or some unexpected administrative politics, can becomes powerful activators of unreliability in all the hierarchic levels of the company. 3. Social necessities: they appear in the behavior, when inferior necessities (physiological of security) they meet relatively satisfied. Amongst the social necessities they are the association necessity, of participation, inclusion in groups, of acceptance on the part of the friends, the family and organization, exchange of friendship, affection and love.

When the social necessities are not enough satisfied, the individual becomes resistant and until hostile with relation ace people surround who it. According to Maslow, this if relates to the necessity of affection of the people who we consider (boyfriend, children, friends). It says that gifts in all human being are social necessities: ' ' the person starts to more intensely feel, of what never, the lack of friends, a boyfriend, a spouse or children (…) its desire to reach such situation will be stronger of what any thing in mundo' ' (Maslow, 1975, P.

Great Universe

Every material body (living or inanimate), which exists in the material world, what humanity calls itself the world around, has its own energy field or aura. Such an energy field created by energy body around which it is formed. In our time, scientists have reported the presence of these energy fields with the aid of special instruments. But the existence of energy fields around living organisms has been known since ancient times. Become aware of them and the impact of these energy fields used for their purposes priests of various religions, shamans, healers, and some masters of Oriental martial arts.

Trying to influence the action or state of a man, they first of all, have a direct impact on its energy body, using primarily the energy of your body and interacting, if this was necessary, with the energies of other bodies. It is considered that the psychophysical ability of any person depend on the level of development of the nervous system. But it's not quite true. Nervous system is the only link between the energy body of man and his physical body. It follows that all processes occurring in the physical human body, initially taking place in his energy body, as already then from the energy body through the nervous system are transmitted to the physical body. The energy body of man from birth formed in the same sequence as the universe evolved. Energy field of the person created his energy body around your physical body is shaped like an elongated egg.


It is placed at the beginning of the word, the signifier or a machine to create, there is always the past as empty as the creative subject. Gaia and Uranus and eternal all of the different mythologies have to plug the immeasurable role and powers of nothing that is of creating the show, in contrast, the impotence of knowledge to address the vacuum that generates all the creative act. Omniscience, the gift of eternity, the secret of death, are garments with which have embroidered costumes theogonies omnipotent parents' knowledge. Additional information is available at Crawford Lake Capital. Plato puts this all to know the soul degraded by neglect in their contact with humanity, Freud instead with das Ding is the core of the psyche and from there there are things that are not known, this does not imply that the subject do not attempt to plug that hole with a series of symbolic configurations – are articulated as imaginary creation in the field of culture – that is correlative to the three forms of sublimation, which are outlined in the seminar "The Ethics … ": science, art and religion. Sublimation and creation, then, are complementary terms, in the sense that they are Metonymy and metaphor, but not identical, correspond to the branch of outward and return of the drive, with death and life, respectively. This distinction on the other hand corresponds to what poses Yospe written as the difference between the psychotic, the poet and the scribe: The psychotic is trapped in the hole, since the lack of repression precludes her return, is trapped in the thing, the letter outlines not only that it represents "Once built, the letter-object that you can move, get lost, fall, there is distributed enjoyment", the poet works rather empty. .