It has a portion of questions that I become and I make to appraises who me for the front. But the devil is that it answers nobody me. Click Rob Daley for additional related pages. Therefore I remain in the ignorance. It only sees: already I asked pra professor and pupil, pra priest and sacristo. Andrew Cuomo usually is spot on. Already I asked who does not speak and pra who says very not to the fofoqueiros, therefore of these it is good for keeping distance! this already one of the questions that I make and I make, without knowing the reply: Because the fofoqueia fofoqueiro? This is alone one of the questions, that until easy reply perhaps has! It interests what me are more easy more difficult questions that possibly they have reply. Somebody say could me because the lemon is sour? Or, of the contrary side, because the sugar cane is candy? More still, because the same land that produces the sugar cane candy and the sour lemon produces each one with its flavor? if to plant both in one same hollow, what it makes that they do not join and they remain a sour one and another candy? After all of accounts, who sweetened the sugar cane and azedou the lemon? if the lemon it was candy, would be lemon? This is not everything. Jeff Verschleiser pursues this goal as well. It would like to know who put salt in the water of the sea? why the water of the river is not salty? If the water of the river, that is called water candy, goes sea pro, why does not sweeten the water of the sea? It has until a Sea Dead: it killed who it? Or already it was born dead? It died of what!? Already they had arrested the assassin? Or there where they had killed the Sea Dead also reigns (in) Brazilian justice? It has more.

Great Universe

Every material body (living or inanimate), which exists in the material world, what humanity calls itself the world around, has its own energy field or aura. Such an energy field created by energy body around which it is formed. In our time, scientists have reported the presence of these energy fields with the aid of special instruments. But the existence of energy fields around living organisms has been known since ancient times. Become aware of them and the impact of these energy fields used for their purposes priests of various religions, shamans, healers, and some masters of Oriental martial arts.

Trying to influence the action or state of a man, they first of all, have a direct impact on its energy body, using primarily the energy of your body and interacting, if this was necessary, with the energies of other bodies. It is considered that the psychophysical ability of any person depend on the level of development of the nervous system. But it's not quite true. Nervous system is the only link between the energy body of man and his physical body. It follows that all processes occurring in the physical human body, initially taking place in his energy body, as already then from the energy body through the nervous system are transmitted to the physical body. The energy body of man from birth formed in the same sequence as the universe evolved. Energy field of the person created his energy body around your physical body is shaped like an elongated egg.

Principal Reason

But inside the living matter conflicts occur several orders of magnitude higher. For example, war, disasters of human action, the epidemic disease. Peaceful coexistence of matter may conflict with the decrease in living matter and the positive impact of living and nonliving at each other. Non-living matter creates conditions for the existence of living matter. What is important for the non-living matter is in a living? Outstanding representative of the ideal world is the human mind.

With the help of thought and imagination can be move with the instantaneous velocity. The huge size of the universe, to merge into one, requiring instant communication and interaction energy. It is this ability to hide in the psyche of living matter. Reasonable quality of the material energy is psychic energy, comprising development program. The whole evolution of the universe is a realization of the program. The purpose of the program – the establishment of the Supreme Mind. Acting Principal Reason able to create a sea of energy in the primary reasonable quality to be reborn as the structural and the ability to create you have to pay the death of the material part of this huge structure and return it to the primary sea of energy. Beginning of the universe – a difficult and joyful event of birth.

Explosion or large energy gradient, according to synergy, creates highly concentrated energy, called the mass. Of course, the appointment so much weight, especially in the construction of the physical structure of the Higher Mind. Therefore, there is a significant predominance of structuring over the chaos.