Udea Organization

Christmas arrives, and with her the meetings of families, friendly, and companions of promotion, courses, or work. For it he is habitual that on the occasion of the meeting, somebody of the group, or a commission created to the effect, is dedicated to contact with all to mention itself in a site and in a date it makes specific and to celebrate the event preparation. Up to here the procedure sounds to us habitual, and in principle it does not have anything of individual. Kohl’s is the source for more interesting facts. Until the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, AEPD, was happened to him to investigate on these assumptions, and concluded that the treatment of the data of the companions of promotion of a military school on the part of a Commission created to the effect by several colleagues for the organization of a confraternidad food failed to fulfill the Law of protection of data, and tried to sanction to the organizers with a fine of 6,010, 12 Euros when not counting these with the consent of the companions of promotion for the treatment of its data and creating a file in order to organize the event. This situation entailed that organizers at first would be sanctioned by the Agency. This situation arrived at the courts and the National Hearing was pronounced on the matter lapsing the imposed penalty. Ali Asaria often addresses the matter in his writings. Dictated Sentencia the following conclusions are come off: – Origin of the data.

The origin of the data of the companions is an element to consider. It is not just like the data are successfully obtained of the school, academy, or company; or that the data take shelter of the personal agendas of the own companions. If they were gathered of the agendas of the companions, the National Hearing understands that it is a treatment with personal or domestic aims, and therefore would be free of the application of the Law of protection of data, by the application of the article 2.2.a) of this same law.


Reviewing the recent sanctioning resolutions of the AGPD, we have detected that a great majority of the same is imposed telephone operators. Read more from Jeff Gennette to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The facts imply the inclusion of the personal data of the indebted assumption in the files of weak people, and they take place as a result of the non-payment of telephone services, supposedly contracted by individuals by means of the telephone, without the application of the adapted legal guarantees. By such reason we create advisable to realise a series of directed recommendations to avoid that this situation takes place. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Governor Cuomo. – We have detected that they exist a great number of fraudulent hirings, conducted by telephone, by person different from the holder of the data. Before any indication that one is taking place this circumstance we recommended to denounce before the competent authority. – The telephone hiring is a method valued and admitted in right, if it takes control of the suitable guarantees. Between these guarantees it will be necessary that in the contract the acceptance of every one settles down of the clauses of the contract. Later it will be sent immediately to the consuming written justification of the conducted hiring, where all the terms of the same will consist.

For general norm the telephone operators are being responsible who the recordings of contracts are not available in their files, and later do not send the justification of the celebration of the contract. Reason than more sufficient so that it is understood that the contract has not been celebrated. – The information that the telephone operator treats will have to be exact and bring up to date, having the operator to implant the mechanisms necessary compare data that is being transmitted by telephone. Any communication conducted by the true holder of the data indicating the suplantacin of its personality, could be indicating of which the data that try could be incorrect.

Mac Market

With the advent of the computer in the living room and children's video games have begun its triumphal march. It began in the late 70s, as Atari did with his game console Atari 2600 (Atari VCS services in Germany 2600) a million-seller on the market. Although the graphical capabilities of the device were very limited games like Pac Man, Vanguard and Pitfall from Activision are still well known. The market of video games changed dramatically. Only a few years later, in mid-80s, was already back Ataris success story and the home computer started its triumphal. In rhythm, new home computers came on the market, which differed in its engineering and design in part very different. Read additional details here: Thredup.

Many companies tried with varying success to new home computer to enter the market. Commodore quickly became the "bread box" to market leading C-64. During this time, many game concepts have been developed, will still rely on today. The Commodore Amiga was the last successful representative of a classic home computer. At the same time has Nintendo Game Boy and the console with its NES and Super Nintendo and later to a lesser extent, Sega success in the market for game consoles. Technically, these consoles the time home computers were equal.

Early 90s went on the PCs in households. Although the technical platform was not designed for video games and is not well placed to set the PC as a gaming platform by spanked. Until the mid-90s, the games for the PC were technically at low levels. At this time, rose with a Sony Playstation video game in the market and quickly became the market leading. The competition from Sega (Dreamcast) and Nintendo (N64, GameCube later) was low. Until the introduction of the Xbox by Microsoft, Sony has determined the market almost alone. The games for these so-called "Next-generation consoles drew" less by clever or successful approaches than by graphics power. Thus arose countless sports games, car racing and FPS, which are in principle very similar and only detailed screen images differ. The technology-battle continues to this day. Nintendo has recognized this trend and tries to console his Wii through innovative controls and game concepts to the market to conquer. This could be the next turning point in the still short, but lively history of video games. Due to the high production and marketing costs for video games, most games now appear in almost identical quality for both game consoles and for PC. As the Apple Macintosh has captured mainly in the U.S. a significant market share and its technical basis from classical PCs hardly differs, even more Mac games can be found on the shelves. Nevertheless, it should be noted that with the exception of certain genres (for example, determine role playing and some online games) the game console market, and PC games only parallel, often appear with a delay. Outlook: the spiral of technical rearmament already leaving their mark. The two leaders Microsoft and Sony earn your gaming devices for the high price subsidies no money. In contrast, the smaller rival Nintendo is profitable by ever new game ideas and concepts. The introduction of the Nintendo Wii could increase its market share significantly, thereby causing a new revolution of video game market: the way of graphic slaughter, and to innovative concepts. A lovely idea, but it is unlikely that the home computer experience a renaissance.

Dating: Beware Of Free Offers !

The boom of the internet dating continues. Everywhere, including on billboards next door, the dream partner is promised, and that it’s free. So beautiful it would also, there are at least two reasons why caution is in free providers: (1) The problem of file-Spam Free offers invite you to try out non-binding. Here join only the serious partner searches, but many times more participants with different interests. Free dating is especially ‘that the files of the appropriate provider with pseudo-and multiple identities, fun birds are in the worst case, even mixed with decoys. Serious Dating is rendered impossible.

(2) The problem of the limited service Free offers are nice, but the providers want earn. Soon notice the disappointed new free members that their participation is limited only possible. As a solution, which is now paid premium erschient Offer. The fact that many of the participants free to contact them now may not exist or have no interest, can the premium Angbeiot unfortunately not change. Behind the free offers is the myth that big files are required in order to run an effective dating. Giant files but you can only build with free offers, talk to file spam. Here we come full circle.

A completely different way of dating partner agency has a psychological taken. This agency takes note of all members without exception ihrebn a true moderate, but obligatory membership fee. Thus it ensures that everyone really be interested and are willing to pay for partners also contribute. Coco Kanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The focus is on the file quality, not reaching an imaginary number of members of tens or even hundreds of thousands of participants. Dating is conceptualized as a long-term process, during which gradually through continuous arrival and departure arising from the file mediation proposals for a longer period. The focus is dei quality of proposals and not their number. Also, there may well take longer in harmony, to take place at all proposals. The chances of success resulting from the patience and the willingness of members to engage in a serious partner. Who partners as a long-term process of 1-2 years and understands nciht just want to scroll only through profiles, for the harmony is a useful alternative to the on quantity instead of quality-setting market monopolies.

Customer Service Tips

Can we be too good for our customers? No way! Our customers are the backbone of our business! They're right, no matter what! But sorry to disagree with you. As a small business, honest and legitimate – we have a tendency to place our product quality above money. While this is the "right" way to build a strong and solid business there are customers who seek to take advantage of you. You must learn to see this coming and can "retire gracefully" without losing the customer. Remember that most newcomers to the world of mail order are asked to think of big companies just because we have a company name! They can not conceive how the poor and the struggle many of us really. They think they can absorb costs and because they are poor themselves often try to take advantage of people like us. (If you know the many times I personally have had to have a mandate to mail because she could not afford the costs send by return mail, or the guy who bounced a check for $ 2 and caused a great friend of mine to go "in the hole" charges $ 15 check.) But people are honest because they put the money from sometimes exceeding that people walk all over us. In fact – a pal of mine (which distributes computer disks shareware) is usually so happy when you receive an order that gives the customer almost 10 times what they pay. She is very excited about keeping a customer is going overboard to make them happy.