Customer Service Tips

Can we be too good for our customers? No way! Our customers are the backbone of our business! They're right, no matter what! But sorry to disagree with you. As a small business, honest and legitimate – we have a tendency to place our product quality above money. While this is the "right" way to build a strong and solid business there are customers who seek to take advantage of you. You must learn to see this coming and can "retire gracefully" without losing the customer. Remember that most newcomers to the world of mail order are asked to think of big companies just because we have a company name! They can not conceive how the poor and the struggle many of us really. They think they can absorb costs and because they are poor themselves often try to take advantage of people like us. (If you know the many times I personally have had to have a mandate to mail because she could not afford the costs send by return mail, or the guy who bounced a check for $ 2 and caused a great friend of mine to go "in the hole" charges $ 15 check.) But people are honest because they put the money from sometimes exceeding that people walk all over us. In fact – a pal of mine (which distributes computer disks shareware) is usually so happy when you receive an order that gives the customer almost 10 times what they pay. She is very excited about keeping a customer is going overboard to make them happy.