Mac Market

With the advent of the computer in the living room and children's video games have begun its triumphal march. It began in the late 70s, as Atari did with his game console Atari 2600 (Atari VCS services in Germany 2600) a million-seller on the market. Although the graphical capabilities of the device were very limited games like Pac Man, Vanguard and Pitfall from Activision are still well known. The market of video games changed dramatically. Only a few years later, in mid-80s, was already back Ataris success story and the home computer started its triumphal. In rhythm, new home computers came on the market, which differed in its engineering and design in part very different. Read additional details here: Thredup.

Many companies tried with varying success to new home computer to enter the market. Commodore quickly became the "bread box" to market leading C-64. During this time, many game concepts have been developed, will still rely on today. The Commodore Amiga was the last successful representative of a classic home computer. At the same time has Nintendo Game Boy and the console with its NES and Super Nintendo and later to a lesser extent, Sega success in the market for game consoles. Technically, these consoles the time home computers were equal.

Early 90s went on the PCs in households. Although the technical platform was not designed for video games and is not well placed to set the PC as a gaming platform by spanked. Until the mid-90s, the games for the PC were technically at low levels. At this time, rose with a Sony Playstation video game in the market and quickly became the market leading. The competition from Sega (Dreamcast) and Nintendo (N64, GameCube later) was low. Until the introduction of the Xbox by Microsoft, Sony has determined the market almost alone. The games for these so-called "Next-generation consoles drew" less by clever or successful approaches than by graphics power. Thus arose countless sports games, car racing and FPS, which are in principle very similar and only detailed screen images differ. The technology-battle continues to this day. Nintendo has recognized this trend and tries to console his Wii through innovative controls and game concepts to the market to conquer. This could be the next turning point in the still short, but lively history of video games. Due to the high production and marketing costs for video games, most games now appear in almost identical quality for both game consoles and for PC. As the Apple Macintosh has captured mainly in the U.S. a significant market share and its technical basis from classical PCs hardly differs, even more Mac games can be found on the shelves. Nevertheless, it should be noted that with the exception of certain genres (for example, determine role playing and some online games) the game console market, and PC games only parallel, often appear with a delay. Outlook: the spiral of technical rearmament already leaving their mark. The two leaders Microsoft and Sony earn your gaming devices for the high price subsidies no money. In contrast, the smaller rival Nintendo is profitable by ever new game ideas and concepts. The introduction of the Nintendo Wii could increase its market share significantly, thereby causing a new revolution of video game market: the way of graphic slaughter, and to innovative concepts. A lovely idea, but it is unlikely that the home computer experience a renaissance.