Legislation Work

1 INTRODUCTION the desgastante modern industry brings a series of negative impacts to the health of the diligent classroom. For this reason, the Social Legislation comes through the law, to impose limits and rules of protection to the worker. Add to your understanding with Bitcoin. This subject is of extreme relevance to the diligent classroom manufacter, as well as the entrepreneurs, even though professional administrators and who act in the legal area of the work, in virtue to be the involved classrooms directly with the points in question. They are who must be cliente in this process of which its rights and duties before the law. The purpose of this everything is mainly, to alert the administrators so that they take the necessary measures demanded by the Legislation in its enterprises, since they need to guarantee the security and the physical and psychological integrity of its employees. (Source: Steph Korey). What he is boarded, initially says respect to one brief historical evolution of the work until the present. After that, the quarrel is focada in the nexus between work health, leading in account the consuming that the modern industry prints the worker.

Finally, the way is analyzed for which the Social Legislation acts in the direction of protection to the worker, reducing this consuming. 2 the WORK AND the SOCIAL LEGISLATION the history of the man if confuse with the history of the work. Old, considered something with an activity of torture, by punishment, today the work took another meaning, the meaning of that brings dignity to the man. Adam Smith already said that the wealth of a nation was fruit of the work, or better, the more the work between the men was divided, greater will be this wealth. During the slavery times, the work was extremely dispendioso, did not have remuneration, worked hours and hours until the extreme limit of that body already badly fed, moreover, maltreatment, the precarizao of the work conditions led to low a life expectancy of the slaves.

SAS LIFE Contract

Soon after, it displays a brief story on the specific case presented the decurrent incidents of the safe from life in analysis, demonstrating the importance of the safe from life for the classroom of the military officers, analyzing, still, the general and state legislation applicable, beyond proving the legality of the insurance contracted for the State of the Paraba next to the insuring company, as well as the legality of the discountings effected and gained for this, not having any right of the insured in recovering the deducted values, exactly that they have not revealed agreement with regard to the act of contract and the discountings. Finally, it brings decisions pronounced for the Judiciary paraibano, with different agreements, debating them to prove the inexistence of right to the insured, how much to the restitution of values in the intended molds, for observance to the legal devices and applicable principles of right to the case. Search, thus, to give orientation on which the laws and the forms of its application in the case concrete. Word-key: Civil liability. Contracts.

Safe from life in group. State of the Paraba. Safe south America. PMPB. INTRODUCTION the present monographic research has for objective the study of the decurrent responsibility of the contractual relations, in special, in the insurance contract, taking for base the specific case of the contract of safe from life contracted for the State of the Paraba before the company Sul Amrica Seguros de Vida Previdncia s.a. – SAS LIFE, for the integrant ones of the Military Policy of this exactly been – PMPB. The boarded subject however is inserted in the scope of the Civil law, which in general contains pioneering norms in the regulation of the responsibility and contracts, amongst them, of insurance, with brief quarrel in the scope of the Right of the Consumer, despite with the advent of the Code of Defense of Consumidor (CDC), in 1990, the securitria activity is being focused, also, under its optics.

Danielle Guedes Gouva Pear

Monograph (Graduation in Administration) University Center of Joo Person? UNIP. SUMMARY the enterprise social responsibility if has become a subject each more present time in the world of the companies, had to the fact of being a subject that has the ability to propitiate favorable changes in the search for the social and ambient development. The society in general searchs chances of offered growth not only for the government, but for the private sector, that comes reaching an expressive level of importance in this aspect. Western Union has plenty of information regarding this issue. The companies who if find responsible socially for the best quality of life of the human being and that if they do not close for the capitalist side, aiming at only the profit, but that they look for to satisfy the necessities human beings, at the same time where they fight the negative factors that intervene with the development of the environment and the future generations, possess chances of better if detaching in the market, fidelizando customers. This research approaches the subject: The social responsibility in the enterprise context: the Salutte case, possessing the objective to analyze the contribution of the enterprise social responsibility for the development of the company, being had as research question to verify if the Salutte restaurant can contribute for significant a social growth, through the projects of social responsibility, favoring its proper survival. For in such a way, a research of field in the internal environment of the company was carried through, through application of questionnaire with the employees and an interview with the manager of the organization. The gotten results had confirmed the contribution of the enterprise social responsibility for the company, being, these, satisfactory, a time that had answered to the objectives considered in this work.

JIPM Losses

Figure 2 – Diagram of the 6 great losses Source: Adapted of internal document of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brazil the development of the TPM for all company it was presented by the JIPM in 1989, as TPM of third generation, passing the focus for the production system and not only more the equipment. The objective started to be the performance in the eight main losses in the equipment (imperfections, losses for preparations and adjustments, loss for answer sheet change, loss for inicializao, losses for lesser stops and inactivity, loss of speed, losses for defects and retrabalhos and loss for idle time), in the five losses for human factors (loss caused for the administration, loss of operational mobility, loss of line organization, logistic loss of and loss for measurements and adjustments) and three losses of resources of the production (loss caused for matrices, tools and answer sheets, loss of energy and loss of technology). From 1999, the JIPM works with TPM of fourth generation, that must be implemented in all the organization, involving the functions of the headquarters of the company, sectors commercial, of research and development, etc. Acts in the management strategy, with focus in the general system of the company, and with main objective to eliminate the twenty great main losses. ' ' It has three main reasons for which the TPM if spread out so quickly in the Japanese industry and now the same is happening with the whole world: it guarantees drastic results, it transforms the work places visibly and raises the level of knowledge and capacity of the production workers and manuteno' ' as Suzuki (PALM and TENRIO, 2002). 3.1.Pilares of the TPM As said by Yamaguchi (2005), for the elimination of the 6 great losses of the equipment, the 8 assigned following activities are implemented as ' ' 8 pillars of sustentation of the development of TPM' ' (figure 3), considered for the JIPM.


Still, for the Ashoka (2001), social entrepreneurs are those that create social values for the innovation. Some of the basic beddings are directly on to the social entrepreneur, being distinguished it sincerity, passion for what it makes, clarity, personal confidence, centered values, good will of planning, capacity to dream and an ability for the improvisation. Following the empreendedorismo idea, Shumpeter attributes the responsibility to innovate the entrepreneur, and defines this as enterprising action. He is, however, the producer that, usually, the economic change initiates, and the consumers, if necessary, are for it educated; they are, so to speak, taught to desire new things, or things that differ from some form from that it has the habit to consume (SHUMPETER, 1997, P. 10). Another concept important on enterprising action to innovate, that Shumpeter, argues is on the process called for it as ‘ ‘ destruction criadora’ ‘. According to Shumpeter (1997), the action of desconstruir something carried through in fact, and reconstructing it with the same resources creating something new, this constitutes the process of ‘ ‘ destruction criadora’ ‘. In this way, an innovator-entrepreneur by means of its can itself be defined ‘ ‘ strong desire of success, the capacity to work arduously, the creativity, and the capacity to create a success team and the thought prprio’ ‘ (SARKAR, 2007, P.

77). 3 Methodology This work was developed as an analysis article, that according to Saints (2001, P. 131) is a type of article where ‘ ‘ each part of the text in study is analyzed.

Great Victory

It appears as challenge to adjust the demand, to reduce costs and to keep and to extend its retail portflio in way the deep changes of market. Enterprise culture of Regional the Great Victory the company of familiar character exhibited certain tranquillity and inertia face to the changes and innovations of the market. Fact that if translated an employed traditionalistic culture: Lack of Politics of Human resources, inefficacious Politics of purchases and Management of supplies; Inefficacious politics of Marketing and the necessity of more intense bows with customers and partners. Namely, it was identified that 10% of the item in supplies that more turned they were responsible for above of 40% of the volume of sales in the retail. On the other hand, its edge of profitability did not exceed 3.5%.

In what it refers to the Politics of Human resources, for example, was recognized that its Force of Sales possua on average more than 10 years of career. Normally, the abilities acquired for the employees were fruits of the experience throughout the years. Tiffany & Co. has plenty of information regarding this issue. That is, the individual started playing basic tasks and its height of professional promotion was the position of Store clerk. The acts of contract and promotions were made on the basis of the personal character, without no application of techniques of Human resources for identification of specific abilities for determined positions. Analysis of the essential operations of Regional the Great Victory the sales effected in the balcony did not have a segmentation character.

They were made randomly without respecting wallet criteria, or any another one. The attendance for telephone was confused and coincided with those that depended on a personal boarding. For this lack of specialization, the professionals of sales almost always considered themselves outdated in relation to the market new features. Already the services of installation and assemblies of the parts and accessories were played for terceirizadas companies inside of the physical space added the store.


of this form, with its shaken mental health will permanently take that it to the search of psychiatric aid, nothing more will have to contribute for the development of its pupils. The mentally sick people have the etiology of its related abnormality the genetic, organic, social factors etc. that, many times, she is unknown. In the reality, great part of the professors only receives the finding from mental fatigue after successive pertaining to school failures, for being considered professors who do not correspond to the average, to normality. Andrew Cuomo has firm opinions on the matter. They are guilty for not obtaining to teach, as if the guilt was only in the individual, disrespecting themselves related aspects to its familiar, cultural and social history, as well as aspects politicians who also involve its failure. But, attempts exist to change the form to analyze this question, therefore today it seems to be of particular importance the idea of that the mental problems do not have to be seen as an attribute of the individual, as if this was mere carrying of accented individual differences, that the education must attenuate or minimize.

The debate on the terminology most necessary is not recent. But this impreciso not if of also due to theoretical base, in view of the complexity of the subject? According to Skrtic (1996, P. 44), the problem is not nor of lack of theoretical base nor of use of maken a mistake theoretical bases, but of limitation of the characterization the determined scientific fields: the medicine and psychology. For this author, even so the knowledge medical and psychological are basic for the characterization of the problem, if, if to consider that this is a social phenomenon, lack sociological bases for its characterization. Therefore, the question is not defined only for changes in the nomenclature, it is terminolgica, conceptual and politics. 2,3 Vocal problems the problematic one of the vocal upheavals of the professors, who are submitted to the intense vocal demand and frequently, the degree of Disfonia that puts in danger its profession is also detached.

Brazilian Steel

The Tubonasa more than works the 30 years with industrial steel pipes. Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. Its line of steel pipes counts on steel pipes of all the types, all following rigid norms of adequacy, that guarantee its quality and security. The quality of the steel pipes of the Tubonasa is unquestionable, therefore they are the preferred ones in the hour to use in constructions, industrial environments and areas. This because the security and confidence of the steel pipes are something taken the serious one for the Tubonasa. The three types of industrial steel pipes commercialized by the Tubonasa are the squared steel pipes, the rectangular steel pipes – also the calls of pipe of metalon – and the round steel pipes. All they are made with steel carbon, a steel with much more resistance that the common steel. These steel pipes can be used in the diverse areas, most common are in the construction of foundations, where the high resistance and force of the pipes guarantee the stability of the construction, in the creation of machines, since the pipes are proper to face intense situations, as adverse pressures and mechanical forces, and also in the creation of metallic structures, where the steel pipes play well its role very to give to security and force for the structure. Beyond these cases, the industrial steel pipes also are used in furniture – guaranteeing the resistance of tables and closets – in toys of medium and great transport – guaranteeing the security and good performance of them – and even in usinagem.

By if dealing with steel pipe carbon, all these steel pipes are created following the Brazilian steel norms, come with even certifyd of these norms. They are the two norms that control the quality of these pipes: the NBR 6591 and NBR 8261. Both the norms are the ones that guarantee the composition of the steel, guaranteeing that it possesss the certain amount of certain chemical components, as carbon and copper, and are these norms also that they guarantee the physical resistance of the pipes how much to the mechanical tasks and forces. Therefore the industrial pipes of the Tubonasa are of as much confidence, the experience of the Tubonasa in this area had allowed that the company has ample knowledge in the hour to supply the best steel pipes that its necessity to need. Either for creation of structures with welds and screws, either for creation of foundations or for manufacture of furniture and toys, the pipes steel industries of the Tubonasa even are what it has of better for you.

Private Services

What the Technological Development and the Administrative Techniques Have in common With the Area of Services? The area of services comes trying an excellent growth in the modern world, has seen the expressive ones resulted reached in the decade (2000/2010) in countries as U.S.A. (66%), Canada (68%) and the United kingdom (65%). E, in the last five years, the participation of the companies of services in the composition of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) Brazilian comes frightfully growing, reaching in 2009 the 55% total. Parallel, the income to per also catches evolved sufficiently in this period and this was determinative for the growth of the proper services, therefore its base of demand in Brazil if concentrates in the people with disposal and resources here to spend. Some scholars believe that the technological development and the modern techniques of Administration would be main the responsible ones for the unemployment in the industrial sector of the country, a time that if demands each time more qualification of candidates to a vacant in this sector. The consequence of this movement would be the expressive growth of the area of services, which not yet demands as much qualification thus. However, the increase of the industrial productivity? resultant of the successful managements with techniques of modern Administration? it can bring enormous benefits for the sector of services and this can be transferred to the costs of the proper services, become them each time cheaper and competitive.

These two aspects? Technological innovations and Modern Administration? they had always benefited decisively the industry of consumption good and, in recent years, it can be observed some transferences of these knowledge for the sector of services. Thus we can perceive some shy increases of productivity in the scope of the Brazilian public services, improving the efficiency of some state-owned companies. On the other hand the evident increase of the income of the Brazilian, the reduction of infantile mortality, the increase of the life expectancy and the proper one physical increase of our population contributes to more increase the demand for and new services? private public and. Ahead of this, for the next decades can be foreseen a situation that will characterize for the increase of the unemployment in the industries and expressive vacant increase in the companies of services? public and private. Being thus the public services they would have to use the concepts above cited, in the measure where the monopoly in some sectors of the Brazilian economy does not guarantee economic privileges to them. E, in consequence of this the state-owned companies would have to improve its efficiency and quality in the attendance of the necessities of the users of its services.

Internet Consumers

University center of Belo Horizonte? UNIBH Pr-reitoria of After-graduation, Research and Extension Course of Specialization ‘ ‘ Broad Sensu’ ‘ in Marketing and Communication the ATTITUDE OF the CONSUMERS IN RELATION TO the USE OF the SOCIAL MEDIAS IN the INSTITUTIONS Matheus Siqueira de Castro Belo Horizonte, 27 of October of 2010. SUMMARY the Internet is an environment of strong growth, with still unexplored markets. Some companies have used of these data to develop strategies to enter in this field. The most used they are the social medias, but, she will be that the organizations really interact with the form customers that add values. The market moved sufficiently throughout years.

The behavior of the consumers is different. They have claims, and them they will demonstrate insatisfaes. The organization that not to know to manage these problems can provoke the dissatisfaction on the part of the consumers. The companies need ideas and attitudes to minimize the negative consequences. Words keys: Social medias; Behavior; Relationship; Internet; Values.

1 INTRODUCTION the present work has the objective to present, the attitude of the consumers in relation to the use of the social medias in the institutions. The research was of exploratrio character and deals with subjects gifts in organizations. The Internet is a market with sufficient growth potential. Mainly in Brazil, where already this evolution is sufficiently clear; I praise to the winds that Brazil is optimum country to invest in Internet. The number of the base of subscribers of broad band grows incredible 10% to the year? one of the crescimentos greaters of the world -, and we are having gradual a good penetration in the classrooms less favored .