Toyota Motor

Automotive News – it’s always something interesting and always new. At the moment we are aware of such a remarkable event: the Toyota Motor has officially declared about the appearance of today in Russia new hatchback Auris. The company notes that the car is made in England. Suggested retail price starts from 659 rubles. It all depends on the configuration. Buyer offers 4 of this set – “Comfort Plus” “Comfort”, “Elegant” and “Prestige”. The car body has nine flowers, four of them are offered for the first time – red, silver, blue and purple metallic. As reported by many of the world hgv, car width – 1760 mm, its length is 4,245 mm, Height – 1515 mm. The novelty appeared excellent petrol units Dual VVT-i good quality c volume 1.34 liters. and 1,5 a, developing neither more nor less – 102 and 125 horsepower, and, of course, the engine with a capacity of 133 horsepower. On choice of the buyer is given two transmissions: 6-speed box, manual and 4-speed, automatic transmission, which comes with a complete set of “Comfort Plus”.

Changed and the look of the car – front and posterior part of it. Auris has received a brand new design of rear and front bumper, hood, mirrors, grille. Just upgraded interior of the car – change the configuration of the center console. Just a car got the steering wheel with a sporty design, lighting scales the tachometer and speedometer changed to white for a place in Orange. Many global automotive news say Auris will give customers an exciting driving experience. For Auris created a new platform to ensure drivability and very low noise. In this machine insulation upgraded to peak capacity. Thanks to such a beautiful function owner is always nice get into the car and do not listen to the sounds of stone jungle, and enjoy your own selected music. Finally, because the time to disclose information agencies and hgv world, there is a possibility provide you with the most important feature of the machine, very important for Russia. This is its unique qualities: very low noise level, the lowest in its class, it is quite acceptable for people in middle to ensure cost, durability and good reliability, seven airbags, a stylish and durable design.