The data seems tremendous. The energy source 100 Basque basically rolling, now covers only 5.4 of demand, according to data published by the FSC in a report included in the website of the event ‘European Future Energy Forum’, which is celebrated this week in the BEC. That means, as the paper concludes that external dependence reaching 95 . We must qualify that the report rejects Basque energy to all that which is produced with oil and natural gas, which are today the main sources. Main article: Biomass and biofuel
The production of biomass and biofuels are growing industries as a growing interest in sustainable fuel sources. The use of waste products avoids the dilemma between food or fuel, while the combustion of methane gas reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, which release carbon dioxide but this has a greenhouse effect 23 times lower than the methane. Biofuels are a sustainable partial replacement for fossil fuels, although its net impact on emissions of greenhouse gases depends on the agricultural practices used to grow the plant material used to generate fuel. Although there is a widespread belief that biofuels can be neutral in terms of carbon emissions, exusten evidence that biofuels produced by current farming methods are a net carbon emitters. The geothermal and biomass are only two.