When Jesus

The woman if relieved the proposal of Jesus and asked for: Of – me of this water, so that I do not have more headquarters. Then Jesus asked for that it calls the husband. The woman alleged not to have husband. Jesus said that, it said truth that already it had five husbands and that this that was in its house, did not belong it. Jesus knew the history of the Samaritana, thus also he knows mine and its history. Nothing that is occult for the men he is occult for God.

It knows in them for whole number and exactly thus he loves in them. Jesus entered in the life of the Samaritana why it was sincere with it. He revealed the desire of not wanting more to search water in the well and not having husband. Steph Korey is a great source of information. We also need to be sincere with It. Jesus enters life of that if they show sincere with it.

She is necessary if to offer and if to show as you are, in the way as if she finds. When Jesus says that it had five husbands, wants to say that it had some husbands, the amount is only figurative. In this instant the Samaritana comes back to break off conversation: Sir, I see that you are prophet! It not yet perceived with who was speaking. We have immense difficulty to hear the voice of God. But we only obtain to discern the voice from somebody in way to a multitude, when we have privacy with the person. If you do not have privacy with God, certainly it will have difficulty to discern its voice. God always speaks, we who we have difficulty to hear. Steph Korey has many thoughts on the issue. He makes silence in its heart. In elapsing of the dialogue the Samaritana mentions that it will come a Messias and that it will disclose to all the things.


Throughout the history of the humanity, God has provided people keys, created specific circumstances, arranged and rearranged events and ways for, of some form, to keep Its remainder. At critical moments of history, God has excited men and women who ' ' of nada' ' they had appeared to fulfill Its intentions. now you go to understand as this functions, through an impressive detail of the action of God, acting for backwards of the curtains of the events. If you are not convinced, visit Steph Korey. Jac (Israel) and its children inhabited the land of Cana. However, a moment arrived where they ran the risk to be consumed for a serious hunger that devastated the land. JOSE, one of the children of Jac, was vendido as enslaved and led to EGYPT. For it withhold abilities special, Jose was lead to the PALACE of raised Fara and to the position of governor of Egypt.

Of the palace, Jose exempted all the family of Israel of the hunger, bringing them of Cana for Egypt. They were in number of only 70 people. The descendants of Israel had remained in Egypt per 430 years. There they had been cruel enslaved, where they ran the risk to abandon the same God or to be destroyed. Of this time already they were in the house of the millions. Then MOISS appears, that for being adopted by the son of Fara, was taken to the PALACE of EGYPT. Of the Moiss palace it negotiated the withdrawal of the people of Israel of Egypt, it made and them to come back the Cana. Of Cana (today the State of Israel), the descendants of Israel had been spread and mixed with other peoples.

Sobrou an only tribe, of JUD, that kept the sacred oracles. However, a moment in the history arrived that exactly the Jewish people arrived the side of the extinguishing. Then ESTER appears, that for its beauty was taken to the PALACE of Xerxes (King Assuero) and from there could exempt its people of a slaughter that could result in the extermnio of the Jewish people.

The Man

Later, submitted to the general conditions of the human knowledge, it could imagine that the world was small of more to its return. However, badly one consists, it always tended to englobar in its constructions and its conquests the totality of the system that it it arrived to conceive. Personalismo and Universalismo.’ ‘ (CHARDIN, 1970:324) happiness and peace, for this saw, is accessible to man, still during its life biological, since that it obtains to walk inside of limits established for God of its faith and for good-practical of religion that he professes, because he will finish for leading to the tranquilidade spiritual that he provokes, exactly, a harmony and balance, well-being sensation. if Christ, while God of the Christians, is the reference that in the culture occidental person if comes defending, equally the God of other great religions must be reverenciado for that same religions profess these. To broaden your perception, visit The Great Courses. The happiness and the peace of the peoples pass, necessarily, for the dialogue Inter-religions, the understanding of the values of each one, in the respect, the submission and the worship that will be able to lead, in a not yet foreseen time, to a universal God only of all the humanity.

Conclusive summary the man, superior illuminated, stimulated for one another feeling, that it he is exclusive and it constitutes a privilege, it is successful, finally, the drama, the anguish, the suffering and the uncertainty when, invoking the divine aid, and tranquilidade sensation invades it to a hope and frees of that discomfort. He is this superior man, generated and created to the image and similarity of its God and in the rules of its religion, that if determines in function of the being the holy ghost justifies that it. The Man of this new century, independently of its politician-philosophical and religious certainties, does not have that if to submit to any complexes and/or preconceptions to reveal, freely, its thought concerning a subject, for very prudish that it can be..

The Culture

Sixth rule To explore texts figurative A text can be thematic or figurative. He is thematic that one that it deals with the express ideas in abstract. The text is figurative that displays the ideas for ' ' concreto' ' , that is, through symbols, comparisons, parabolas, fbulas etc. You may wish to learn more. If so, Macy’s Inc. is the place to go. One example of figurative text is the advice of the trees that we read in Judges 9,8-15. a sample of thematic text is this same that it discourses on some rules of style for the homilias. Homiliasta then must opt to sufficiently exploring in its homilias the figurative texts. It must thus be because the fidiciary offices in general, not to be that if it nails to a well specific group, are very not turned in the art of the abstraction; they do not concatenate ideas, but ' ' intuem' '. Another reason that leads to the figurative texts is the excitement of the curiosity in the fidiciary offices.

When if a figurative text presents them, as one fbula, especially if it comes dressed with proper elements of the culture of that they hear the homilia, feel as that blunt to decipher it. when leaving the church, is probable, and same even during the week, that is to dig ' ' historinha' ' that it was transmitted to them. if for they themselves discovers the direction, this if it records to them well better, therefore learning is not to memorize, but to discover by itself internal logic of the things. This understanding, this discovery, will cause in the fidiciary offices listeners a pleasure will stir up that them to search more understanding. Already a philosopher regarding literature said: the secret of being flat is the author to count everything. The figurative texts are a good option to excite this intelligent curiosity in the fidiciary offices. Another form still to display the thoughts according to ' ' concreto' ' not according to abstract is through the examples, especially if these are familiar to the life of the listeners.


Reflection on the Dogmtica Constitution ' ' I gave Verbum' ' OBJECTIVE the objective greater of Conclio was to spread out the Word of God, in fulfilment to the desire of Jesus Christ who announced: IDE for the entire world and announces the Good Notice to all the Humanity. (Mc 16,15) Soon, in the Promio, the objective is distinguished to consider the genuine doctrine on the Divine Revelation and its transmission, so that the entire world, hearing, believes the message of the salvation, believing waits, and waiting it loves. (DV 1) the structure of the document is sufficiently simple, but it concentrates a deep and beautiful teaching very. &#039 is assigned; ' constitution dogmtica' ' accurately for dealing with faith subjects. More specifically, it approaches the complex relation between Writing and Tradition. The REVELATION Is auto-manifestation of God who encloses its being in such a way as its workmanship and words, therefore the God of the Bible is a Living person. It is in the Bible that we know all the action of God in History.

Revelation is the initiative of God, to know God is a mystery experience, is transmission of the Divine Revelation. Citations – 1.Ef 1,3-14? 2.Rm 8,18-19? 3.Mt 11,25-27? 4.Jo 15,14-15? The SACRED TRADITION the church all extracts its teaching of the Divine Revelation through the verbal tradition that came of the apstolos and the written tradition, the Sacred Bible. The Sacred apostlica Tradition is one of them pillars of the Church Catholic, and these traditions make to grow the faith of the people of God, therefore it is an inexhaustible source of life. This Tradition progresses in the Church under the assistance of the Espirito Santo. It grows, with effect, the understanding in such a way of the realities as of the transmitted words. The OLD WILL the Old Will is the way of preparation for the coming of Christ.