Alex Ferguson

" The second &quot will be the trainer; , for that the delegated advisor has given a term of " ten das" , and " the third party is plantilla". " The club lived in permanent convulsion. We want that professional soccer and soccer base are one. Roadman and Eyrie are both maximum representatives of the soccer department, but everything with a same one structure, not like before she was differentiated. The trainer is going it to us to propose Roadman and we cannot be long time without decidir" , it explained on the next technician. After evaluating to Luis Enrique like " a person perfectly capacitada" , just as " the ten trainers who have left in the press in one semana" , Gil Marin described the profile that they look for: " It must be able to understand this club, that it is not easy; to take the relations with means well; and over that he is able to secure the minimum objective, to enter Liga de Campeones". After contracting a trainer, the objective of the equipment rojiblanco will be to define " a group that is hecha" and that " the unique thing that can alterar" it will come on the part of " Of Gea and Agero" and its possible crossings. " Of Gea it has not signed with the Manchester " , it assured Gil, contradicting the words of Alex Ferguson, that the past week it gave by made the hiring of the guardameta. Source of the news: Gil Marin: " Omen can go to the Bara, and the Alcorcn also; to Real Madrid, no".

European Union

Clear explanations and without engaifas of the banks to its clients. The Government is going to harden the norm to restrain the abuse of the banking organizations in the collection of commissions, after one lasts reprimand of the European Union that locates to Spain as the less transparent country after Italy. Governor Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. The order, that the Ministry of Economy and Property has predicted to send to the Government reporter of the State the second week of September, continues leaving freedom of prices, but it will force to boxes and banks to expose publicly what commissions receive and why, and to send every January to its clients a relation of the collections by management of the year. Also a unique form prevails to ask for mortgages that alert in bold and capital letters of the dispositions most detrimental for the consumer. Source of the news: : Economy will impose transparency to the bank on the commissions

Sociological Research

According to a report of the Spanish Observatory of Racism and the Xenophobia, that aims at a change in the image of immigration due to the economic crisis. He concludes that the Spaniards consider that the immigrants are the group ” more protegido” , that perceives more than they contribute and that they monopolize the aid. Four of each ten Spaniards are in favor of expelling the immigrants who are in unemployment situation during long time and 80% almost think that ” is a number; excesivo” or ” elevado” of foreigners in Spain. They are numbers that come off the report elaborated by several experts at the request of the Spanish Observatory of Racism and the Xenophobia, of the Ministry of Work and Immigration, that analyzes the data picked up by the Sociological Research center at the end of 2009 on the attitudes towards immigration in Spain.

The data of the report continue the tendency registered already during 2008. The Spaniards consider that the immigrants they are the group ” more protegido” , that perceives more than they contribute and that they monopolize the aid, mainly the students, and it continues itself attributing responsibility to them in the deterioration of the quality of the sanitary attention and the education. The report reflects that there have been no variations in the appreciation of the diversity that contributes immigration, although have raised the acceptance of the expulsion of a student to take Islamic veil and have backed down the disposition to that they maintain his culture and its customs. The authors give the change in the image of immigration to the economic crisis and notice that she has a greater incidence in the population groups that more are exhibited to the competition in the labor market.