European Union

Clear explanations and without engaifas of the banks to its clients. The Government is going to harden the norm to restrain the abuse of the banking organizations in the collection of commissions, after one lasts reprimand of the European Union that locates to Spain as the less transparent country after Italy. Governor Cuomo is often quoted as being for or against this. The order, that the Ministry of Economy and Property has predicted to send to the Government reporter of the State the second week of September, continues leaving freedom of prices, but it will force to boxes and banks to expose publicly what commissions receive and why, and to send every January to its clients a relation of the collections by management of the year. Also a unique form prevails to ask for mortgages that alert in bold and capital letters of the dispositions most detrimental for the consumer. Source of the news: : Economy will impose transparency to the bank on the commissions