In the majority of cases it will be unnecessary to closure with these points, allowing the designer establish fixed points as it deems appropriate for its exclusive use, this can help the existence on the market of topographical drawings which can be very useful. Basic points for the reconsideration shall be fixed in physical form and its immobility will be verifiable using existing buildings nearby that does not raise doubts in this regard. GEOLOGY AND GEOTECHNICS. For the calculation of a foundation structure we need know the resistant capacity of the ground, this will be carried out probes, trials and tests necessary to be included in the project in a schedule specific. In works of little importance, their magnitudes or characteristics, it is not necessary to resort to the polls and we take as resistant capacity ground an estimated by next experiences, that we will have to correct the calculations if various, once carried out excavations and necessary checks. GENERAL FLOOR PLANS. In the general floor plan indicate a reduced scale all elements of the project allowing us to place its parts into a whole.

General plant comes to be an aerial view of the whole. The scales used for general plant vary according to the magnitudes of the projected work. FLOOR PLANS. The plant, as a vertical projection, is indispensable for the geometric definition of the projected works. The number of a draft floor plans can be large and must be such that allows to know everything that we intend to execute with precision and accuracy.

In a project of building different plants to draw would be, for example: map of excavation. Foundation plane. 1St floor plan. 2Nd floor plan. Level of cover.