European Constitution

The popularity of Chirac and Schroeder plummeted. German Opposition already cautiously raises the question of Germany's refusal to ratify the European Constitution. President of Germany Horst Kohler has refused to sign the law on ratification of the Constitution because of the lawsuit to the Constitutional Court, submitted deputy of the cdu Gauvaylerom Peter, who believes that the Constitution should be ratified by a referendum. Thus, the German opposition moved the camp eurosceptic. Meanwhile, early elections can be held in Germany in September of this year and opinion polls tipped Schroeder defeated a crushing score that, of course, does not increase the chances of adoption of the Constitution. But the crisis is caused not only domain internal causes, and reckless expansion of the European Union, but also by external factors.

Constantly growing economic power of China sooner or later make the developed Western countries to develop a new tactic in the face China's economic threat. The Chinese economy has the potential to reach 50% of the world. China can easily get around five times as inferior to him in the United States population. Therefore, it is possible that the U.S. and Europe can go for closer forms of integration in order to compensate for the rise of Chinese power. Therefore, the European Union can not be held as an independent superpower and can be absorbed by a larger entity, the conditional 'West', which will include the United States, Canada, Europe and (pofantaziruem) Russia. However, the U.S. and Europe can make the 800 millionth entity, capable of virtually equal to confront China with its 1.3 billion population. In the meantime, The eu faces a number of possible paths of development.

Alpine Skiing

Many Russian tourists are aware that Turkey is perfect for youth recreation and tourists of all ages. After all, in Turkey you can have many hotels on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas levels from 2 to 5, with a cheerful animation program. It is known to all Turkish resorts of Marmaris and rave luxury Bodrum, Kemer and picturesque golden Side. However, rare Russian tourists aware of the well-equipped ski resorts far from the coast of Turkey. The most popular winter resorts – Sarikamis, Palandoken, Uludag. What a ski resort you choose? For tourists with no experience and encourage children to go on holiday to the resorts of Uludag or Sarikamis, experienced skiers – in Palandoken. The duration of the ski season in the resorts of Turkey is 4 months from December to late March.

Here, you will not get bored – funny animation and exciting excursions, as well as night discos. Sarikamis – promising resort in Turkey, runs a simple and medium complexity, the red lines here. Trails at the resort a bit, but they all differ a great length and good snow cover. Trails Resort equipped with a four-seater chairlifts. Sarikamis choose tourists beginners and families with children. Uludag – a great place for skiing for tourists of all ages of children. Here you will find many traces of blue and green, here the tourist can choose any hills on the soul, because a lot of trails in Uludag, this complex (red and black), and simple green and blue. For advanced skiers, the resort for you Palandoken with lots of red and black slopes will give a wonderful vacation. The cost of accommodation at the resort usually includes free use of ski lifts and ski or snowboards, you can rent or buy. Price rent ski equipment in Turkey about 23 dollars a day, equipment for snowboarding – $ 25.

Business Visas To The Czech Republic

Immigration during 2010 to the Czech Republic was marked by new demands for long-term visas requested by foreigners on the basis of an employment contract, the firm registered in the Czech Republic or private entrepreneurship. It is caused by several internal and external causes of migration legislation Czech Republic. External causes include the new requirements of the European Union's common policy for all countries participating in the issuance of visas and adopting a new immigration visa law adopted on 5 April 2010. This law is more or less clear. The internal causes include the features of the Czech emigration, which has already taken place and future policy in this matter. Tight restrictions on granting visas to a residence permit in no way affected the number of foreigners who want to get it. Foreigners in any legal way trying to get long-term visas, moving their capital to the Czech Republic, buying Czech real estate and investing in business in the Czech Republic. The number of refusals of course great, but the process does not stop, because the Czech border open, and migration sovereignty of the Czech Republic depends on the countries participating in Schengen and the eu.

In developing a new immigration law on entrepreneurship. Czech Republic wants to limit the issuance of business visas by introducing probationary period for each firm in the Czech Republic registered in the names of foreign nationals. It is assumed that each firm and the leadership will be given a year to work and do business, and only on financial results shown to us, for the decision on issuing visas for the founders.