Alpine Skiing

Many Russian tourists are aware that Turkey is perfect for youth recreation and tourists of all ages. After all, in Turkey you can have many hotels on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas levels from 2 to 5, with a cheerful animation program. It is known to all Turkish resorts of Marmaris and rave luxury Bodrum, Kemer and picturesque golden Side. However, rare Russian tourists aware of the well-equipped ski resorts far from the coast of Turkey. The most popular winter resorts – Sarikamis, Palandoken, Uludag. What a ski resort you choose? For tourists with no experience and encourage children to go on holiday to the resorts of Uludag or Sarikamis, experienced skiers – in Palandoken. The duration of the ski season in the resorts of Turkey is 4 months from December to late March.

Here, you will not get bored – funny animation and exciting excursions, as well as night discos. Sarikamis – promising resort in Turkey, runs a simple and medium complexity, the red lines here. Trails at the resort a bit, but they all differ a great length and good snow cover. Trails Resort equipped with a four-seater chairlifts. Sarikamis choose tourists beginners and families with children. Uludag – a great place for skiing for tourists of all ages of children. Here you will find many traces of blue and green, here the tourist can choose any hills on the soul, because a lot of trails in Uludag, this complex (red and black), and simple green and blue. For advanced skiers, the resort for you Palandoken with lots of red and black slopes will give a wonderful vacation. The cost of accommodation at the resort usually includes free use of ski lifts and ski or snowboards, you can rent or buy. Price rent ski equipment in Turkey about 23 dollars a day, equipment for snowboarding – $ 25.