Roman Empire

All makers of dreams, had great belief in themselves and the resilience to overcome early failures. One of them was nothing less than Genghis Khan. There are important lessons that we can learn from him. In 1162 a boy, named Temujin, was born in Mongolia by grasping a blood clot a signal that he was destined to be a great warrior. These signs, encouraged Temujin to believe in their own abilities despite early defeats. We also need to believe in our own ability to feed, and the destination.

Temujin became the largest known terrestrial Empire. The size of the Empire of Alejandro el Grande and twice was four times the size of the Roman Empire. But success came only after a failure. Temujin, who would be later known as Genghis Khan, was the son of a warrior chieftain in Mongolia. When he was nine years old his father was poisoned by a rival tribe. Temujin commented: since that day I would never be a child again. His tribe was little more than a large family that they were at risk unless they establish links with other tribes.

Temujin wisely, achieve expand your tribe through marriage with Borte. However, even an alliance with the clan of Borte, not gave him all the security. The tribes of Mongolia were locked in a spiral of vengeance. There was only one law in these steppes: take what you want. The Merkit tribe had fought once with the father of Temujin. Temujin was now in danger and his new wife was especially vulnerable. The stage was set for his first failure. The wife of Merkit was brought Temujin side in a RAID. Temujin not for up to defend his wife and avoid capture. He was faced with the dilemma of accepting defeat and escape or stay and die. Temujin decided escape: my wife had been.