Empowered Consumer

How many times have you said to yourself? “I just wish that the company treats me like they appreciate my business”? For many years I trained Customer Service Reps at a large corporation. There is no doubt that it was during those years, I personally became a consumer with the highest standards and expectations. It was also during that time I realized that my only point of power (as consumer) was to take my business elsewhere if you do not receive the treatment they deserve. This may not seem much, take a minute and add it up! How much spent on her groceries in a year? How much spent on a service station in a year? How much spent on their Dr. ‘s Office in a year (make sure to include what your insurance pays)? Are you surprised? Whether consciously or not think we are all consumers of the companies and businesses that benefit, because we choose to do business with them. The key word here is “choose” and talk about that later.

Some of the companies little makes a fabulous job teaching their employees how to treat their customers. Maybe it’s the place to stop for coffee on the way to work in the morning. You go, hot coffee and fresh, clean and orderly, the box has a big smile (albeit very busy), and even take the time to thank you for your business. Then there are some large companies (not all). Their mission, vision and values set in the walls. In the employee lounge there are signs that say something about your commitment to quality and service.

However, when it comes to customer service or the person who appears lifeless? Without enthusiasm, without eye contact, and virtually no recognition? And God help you if you inconvenience when seeking an explanation or a price control. Decide now to become an empowered consumer and give your business to those who treat you like you appreciate their business. Here is a strategy to get there: Create a list of all the places to do business. Do not forget to include subscriptions, financial institutions, and even their hands. Next, assess your satisfaction with each company on its list (5 = very satisfied – 1 = not satisfied). Check their ratings. If no scores of 1 or 2, take your business elsewhere? Immediately. The companies have voted 3 should be considered in the danger zone. If you decide to stay with them, at least give them some information about what they can do to improve. Review again in six months. Repeat the process every year. My point? That deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation, and you have a choice! If you exercise this option, which help us all as consumers. Do not settle for less!