There are three types of wastewater: domestic, industrial and stormwater. In domestic wastewater, including plum kitchen, toilet and bath, expressed a wide range of nutrients, organic matter (living and dead), and detergents and cleaning chemicals (surfactants) are often very difficult to decontaminate and clean up. In the industrial effluents of the active compounds is determined by the direction of manufacture. For example, in the food industry for Fish processing, meat and vegetables in the wastewater discharged highly concentrated organic matter in effluents of metallurgical plants are concentrated heavy metals, industrial effluents wineries include large amount of organic acids, etc. In the storm drains get almost all waste industry ejected into the air, plus the all the substances that fall rains wash away the plants (nutrients), as well as surfaces of buildings, roads, cultivated land, etc. Let us dwell on the characteristic of the first two types of effluents that have a catastrophic impact on the quality of surface and groundwater, contributing to enhanced eutrophication and intensely affecting the dynamics of ecosystems.