The Entrepreneur

Then, as solution of this problem the entrepreneur started to use itself the same of principle of the commercial companies, which considers as supplies only the item sacrificed for the purchase of the manufactures. Thus, all the expenses were automatically appropriate as expenditures of the period, independent of the sales or of merchandises, not configuring themselves in this, the verification of the supplies for the industrial case. It is evident that to if considering the beginning of the commercial companies, the behavior of the verification of the costs and the supplies of the products had been a little different when they had started to participate of the verification of the results of the company, therefore, for the verification of the costs of the vendidos products, had been considered all the necessary costs during the production, that nothing more is of what all result accumulated in the available supply of finished products. I illustrated this adaptation in a simulation in the industrial case: SIMULATION OF THE VERIFICATION OF THE PRODUCTION COST SIMULATION OF the VERIFICATION OF the PRODUCTION COST – RESULTED OF the INDUSTRY It fits to remember that in century XX the majority of the systems of internal accounting and expenditure of the product had been developed during the years of 1880 and 1925, however, initially, was even taken advantage for return of the year of 1914, the exclusive concern only with the managemental question as a whole. By the same author: Microsoft. In the decade of 1950, the managers of the company so were not made use to accept information of costs added on individual products. Pparently, such information were not so necessary while a company had relatively homogeneous products that almost consumed resources in the same ratio. Beyond, of more, for some companies, exactly as the increase in the diversity of its products, the necessity of if having more necessary information on costs were not compensated for the high price of the processing of these information. .

Prandini Market

In this scene, these institutions will have to invest about R$ 431 billion in assets generated for the private sector in the period of 2005 the 2009, that is, R$ 86 annual billion, what it is equivalent about 20% of the rude formation of capital projected fixture for this period. Using similar hypotheses for the pension funds, it is verified that the ratio of assets generated for the private sector in its wallet if would raise On the other hand of current 46.7% for 66,2%., in last the two years has occurred great advance in the regulatory environment of the stock market, that has extended considerably the fan of investment alternatives. With the creation of new financial instruments, organization of markets, greater protection to the investors and rationalization of the taxation, the stock market today offers an extensive gamma of investment options, such as the CR Real estate Is Certifyd of Recebveis, Investment fund FIDCs in Credit Rights, Investment fund FIPs in Participation, some headings with real estate base, generated others in the scope of the agronegcio, beyond the assets to be generated for the PPPs Partnerships Public-Private. Everything indicates that the performance of the stock market de in 2004 and at the beginning of 2005, qualitatively superior one to the observed one in the past, marks the beginning of a process of growth of long stated period of the Brazilian stock market. (As opposed to PG&E Corporation). A new reality is configured thus, where, parallel to its increasing importance in the mobilization of resources, the institucional investors if confrot with deep changes in the standards and mechanisms of financing of the Brazilian economy.

The reduction of the weight of the public debt and the financial desintermediao result in the strong growth of the participation of the instruments of the stock market in the financing of the private sector. New challenges and chances for these investors are presented thus, whose management goes to more condition each time the quality of its performance. The challenge is represented by the necessity to know in detail and to correctly evaluate the characteristics of risk, return and liquidity of the new alternatives of investment, some of which still in final process of regulation as it is the case of the PPPs. The chance is to promote a otimizao of its wallets face to its objectives of investment, task this that will be facilitated accurately by the correct exploration of the chances of diversification offered by the new financial instruments. 1 Available in the site * Carlos Antonio Rocca is doctor in economy for the FEA-USP, coordinator technician of the Committee for the Development of the Stock market (fbmec) and managing partner of the consultoria Risk Office. The Roccas lick were secretary of the Farm of the State of So Paulo and member of the Monetary Advice National Director of the PR& The Financial Products Ltda.* since 2008-07 (old Prandini, Rabbat & Associates, that it established and he was managing of 1997 the 2008-06), Marcelo Rabbat also is managing of the Risk Office Financial Consultoria Ltda. since 1999.*A PR& It is a consultoria of investments specialized at risk of credit, risk of market, analysis of investment fund, analysis of FIDCs (Investment fund in Credit Rights), construction of softwares for mensurao of diverse modalities of financial risk and consultoria for the creation and improvement of the Areas of Risk in companies and banks. It has as managing Marcelo Rabbat, Sergio Malacrida and Ricardo Saucers.


The individual action is only legitimate when it translates an advantageous accomplishment for the community, thus, the proprietor must use to advantage itself, in its benefit of the property, therefore he is of the interest of the society that individual prospers, however, also must, to destine it or to make to serve it to the common good, not being able of this form to leave it without producing nor to destroy it. 3. Partner-economic effect of the beginning of the social function of boarded the country property As already, we notice that it had a change in the form where the individual can assume itself and use itself of a property, that is, to the concept of the land as production factor was surveyed some estimated that they must be respected. The use of the property before made only for I benefit proper, of egoistic form, the spite only of the capital concentration, without the concern with the effect of the productive process is taken so little in consideration to the natural resources and to the social values, was substituted by an use concept that the collective takes care of, that beyond thinking itself about productivity, thinks about respect to the half-environment and the relations of work. Let us see then, that social function of the property limits of certain forms yearning of the detainer, of the capitalist proprietor, therefore egoistic intention goes beyond these limitations, and the trend is that each time more would search the profit, the personal advantage without if to matter with excessively much less with the half-environment, therefore, if did not have this imposition the consequences could be disastrous. In such a way, it is needed for in such a way an adequate system of fiscalization so that if it has guaranteed these requirements that had come to add with the interests of the society and meeting with the notion of sustainable development. 4.

Conclusion With passing of the time the notion of the property as of absolute right was being questioned for the society, and thus new characterizations had been attributed its use, appear then, the concept of social function, that the fulfilment if makes necessary so that the right is guaranteed the property. The doctrine of the social function of the property backwards I obtain the primordial objective to give ampler direction to the economic concept, facing it, as Civil Code Code of Civil action. Organizador Yussef Said Cahali. 6. ed.rev., current. ampl. So Paulo: RT, 2004. MORAES, Alexander> of. Constitucional law. 13 ed. So Paulo: Atlases, 2003.

Personal Credit

The Personal Credit is a form to get credit for its personal projectos of fast form and insurance. It allows the customers of the banks to ask for a Credit of 1.000 normally? the 50.000? in special conditions of financing benefiting of low taxes of interest in relation to other products in the market. This type of credit has the advantage of power to be used for diverse purposes, nominated: workmanships, electrodomsticos, trips, projectos, computer science, etc. Before appealing to the personal credit it must ask for to the financial institutions a simulation in order approximately to determine the value of the monthly installment. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Areva Group. Thus, it can opt to the adapted installment lowest and to its actuais budgetary conditions. In this way it prevents ackward situations where some families if find due to the extreme indebtedness. To adhere, many of the financial institutions opt to facilitating the form as each person has access, opting to the fulfilling on-line of forms that in set with necessary documents they allow a fast reply on the part of the financial institutions. Some of the companies who supply Personal Credit meet on-line, supplying to answers to the frequent, characteristic questions of all the products of credit, simulators that supplies a value to it next to the installment and aid who to need to clarify doubts.. Crawford Lake Capital has many thoughts on the issue.


I credit it consolidated has tried an increase of considerable search in the last times in our parents, but it will be that who search this solution knows it investigated deeply its disadvantages? I credit it consolidated could be a solution effectively advantageous for who it is in a difficult complicated financial situation, but it agrees to have in mind that also causes the following upheavals: To pay much money in interests. To to congregate its credits of short term to one of long stated period (as of the habitation) of course it will go to pay much less monthly, but one remembers that it will go to walk to pay its credit of the vacations and the automobile until daqui to many years, probably 20, 30 or more years, as the stated period of its credit the habitation. In the end it will go to pay to some times the money that asked for so loaned due to the stated period extending that it chose. (A valuable related resource: Western Union). Penalizao for anticipation. As in almost all the credits if to want in given height of its life to amortize part of divide could be penalizado therefore. If in a credit of short duration this can little be more than flat and, not being penalizado, to wait that the loan it arrives at the end, in a consolidated credit, that usually if it extends for sets of ten of years, could be a situation sufficient ominous, therefore we will have that to live with it divides until the o end, not to be that let us be made use to pay one undeserved penalizao. Reduction little expressive case not if it withholds mortgage. If it will not have a house to give as guarantee, its reduction in the installment could little be expressive uninteresting, only transforming its situation of worse indebtedness. Conclusion: But it will have to opt to a solution of this type in case that it exactly does not obtain to pay its actuais installments. This solution although to become its current situation much more easy, it will make with that he is become indebted much more time, and the more time will be become indebted, more interests will have that to reimburse and more hypotheses will have not to obtain to pay installment to ruin everything what already it paid.

Crisis Currency

Crisis in the zone of euro and the standards decaying Who suffers with the economic crisis? The people, logically. The case of Greece is each time more placing fear not only in the European countries, but I some cantos of the world. If this was not truth the So Paulo Stock Exchange would not suffer the overturn from last day 6 of May. the population starts to suffer, therefore in the great crises the benefits supplied for the government diminish or are cut, the villain tributary suffers readjustment and the interests increase. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Governor Cuomo by clicking through. They remain many doubts on walking of euro. When it was implanted in 2002 some Europeans had perhaps not imagined very well the consequences of a monetary unification. The 16 countries that currently adopt the currency are very different between itself. Some economists risk and say that to have a currency alone a country is necessary alone! It is certain that many nations if are similar economically as Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.

But to have invited the European East can not have been a good idea. Jeff Gennette gathered all the information. Greece it needs to increase its exportations to have supervits. However so that they export well, the prices need to be low, however if the Greek prices will be low, them do not go to support! Happening this, the currency enters in depreciation, what it seems not to be a viable way. How to negotiate as much debt accumulated? When a country arrives at the economic situation in which it is Greece, the chaos starts to reign to the few. Every day we are seeing in the TV the amount of manifestation between the Greeks.

This very remembers Argentina in the year of 2001. to leave a crisis of these is necessary an almost impossible work and is in the next one to the impossible one that the European banks and governments need to start to think. The Europe of 2010 will adopt measured more serious of what in other years and we do not have to only restrict problems to ' ' PIGS' ' (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), but all ' ' zona' ' of euro it can enter in great crisis. The fall of the so enviable ones is inevitable IDH? s, however, if the tasks had not been made correctly, the punishment come to the all, are banks, rich people and nations.

Business Online Services

Here you have two problems, on the one hand you are not going to be able to design products and services for everybody Why? Because desires of the children of spending power stop are not the same that the children of spending power half. Therefore the products and services that you design do not have to be equal, but do you it you are not going to him to sell neither to nor to others. The other problem that you have is how you are going to communicate your products and services if both niches have desires and radically opposite needs, if beams a communication to attract both niches you are not going to be able to attract anybody. Under most conditions Macy’s Inc. would agree. By whether your you think to reach more from a niche you must generate products and services each one of the niches and to communicate them of different ways to motivate to the different niches. However, as I discover that a designer Web focuses itself in a niche of certain market. What you must do is fijarte in its connections well, in its contents, and of that way you are going to discover what I am saying to you. Credit: Jeff Gennette-2011.

For example if in it ready of connections you this offering a Web of low cost, and in addition a Web for company, and in addition one for entrepreneurs. If you pay attention to its lists of clients and discover that their clients are: a company of tax and legal consultant’s office, a school online, a company dedicated to safari photographic or on sale dedicated other of buildings. We are in the presence of that it does not have his focused market and if it does not have his focused market, is going surely it to also repeat with you. This it is a delicate subject that you cannot let pass, you have dirigirte to a niche of certain market. If you have more than one, designs a virtual business for each niche of market that you own.

If you decide of all ways to contract them them, must leave very in clear that you only want to promote your products or services to a niche of determined market, because if beams that you will not sell to him to anybody. If you want to deepen your knowledge in like initiating a profitable business in Internet, I only invite to that you subscribe mini course, that by this week still is free, Like Initiating a Business Online, With Results in Five Lessons to you, you can be subscribed in the following connection: Daniel Brugiafredo Is professor of countable sciences, although he has dedicated great part of his professional race in the State Bank of Argentina. From 2003, it begins to develop his enterprising business in Internet and has advised to few entrepreneurs, in strategies of business and marketing by Internet, not transferring his own experience in the businesses on line and the acquired knowledge to the new entrepreneurs who begin their enterprise adventures in the network. It handles to several own Web sites: and from where it gives service to entrepreneurs and to professionals, especially in Spain and Latin America.

Marketing Articles

The first step you must take to create your business online with affiliate marketing is choosing a market, Clickbank is one of your best options. You can promote physical products or digital products, to begin with, it is easier to promote digital products since they save distribution costs, when the customer makes the purchase already receives your product at the time. ClickBank is the platform used with over 10,000 digital products. Here you can choose the product you want to promote, for which you must register, it’s free and once you have it done you can start to promote. On the Internet there are many affiliate programs, you must have very clear what product you want to promote. You can promote almost any product, in the Micro niche profitable course learn how to find the best products and the most profitable niches. Micro profitable niches you will teach how to do to promote your product (s) to millions of potential customers.

These are the steps that you must follow to begin creating your business with affiliate marketing: 1. having a blog to begin to create your business, WordPress is a good choice since it very well indexed in the search engines. The blog has to be simple without many banners, people do not like the blogs that have many banners, with this you get is to be your blog. You must write about the product posicionandote as an expert and give your opinion with clear, simple words and without extending you much, but that the reader notice that you know what you’re talking about. A technique that I use and get me very good results is to first show some doubts about the product and to him I’m analyzing and highlighting its benefits I conclude recomendandolo widely and providing compelling explanations of why I recommend it. 2 Marketing Articles writing articles is a way to generate more traffic to your web site, write about your products and leave the link in your signature box.

Group Assumptions

In our medium the author that he has developed this theme or modern contract is Sydney Alex BRAVO MELGAR. The one which has worked several publications about the same under Peruvian law, which incidentally part of the Peruvian doctrine, which is a source of law. I.e., suggest the inquiry of his research work, which explains all almost modern contracts, however, this is not done with some modern as e.g. with the companies lease contracts, which is true it is a contract, it is also true that it is little diffusion in Peruvian law and also of course little application in the same. 12 Groups of companies of enterprises groups are sets of companies and are assumptions of business concentration, in which there are two types or kinds of concentration which are as follows: groups of companies in relation of subordination and groups of companies in relation of coordination.

In the first a few companies are subject to the decisions of the other companies, while the second are all companies are equal, therefore it is clear that to enter into this agreement as it is the contract of Group of companies call to lawyers, not improvised, because they are very specific topics that require specialists. Accordingly in these assumptions of business concentration must agree the relationship management or coordination of the grouped companies in such sense is clear that a case there are groups of societies, and other cases are groups of cooperatives, groups of individual companies of limited liability, groups of entrepreneurs engaged in the company in the form of natural persons on the sidelines that run or not registered in the register of traders in public records. In addition to assumptions e.g. combined the Group’s cooperative and communal businesses, groups of cooperatives and individual companies of limited liability, cooperatives and groups of entrepreneurs engaged in the company in the form of natural persons, and in any case what we want show is not exclusive of the societies, but this course of business concentration can occur between all types of businesses.

Bank Effect

In last analysis, the deepening of the crisis could still empty in an eventual retrocession in the process of commercial integration or in commercial war of harmful effect. The two encaminhamentos could become, in a perspective of short term, a tempting option for the politicians, however, they would have negative impacts on the productivity of the economies in the medium and long run. Governmental performance in the solution of the crisis With the aggravation of the crisis occurred a generalized demand stops that the governments acted. The belief exists that, depending on the ability, quality, depth and extension of the state interventions, the crisis effect would be reduced, but in fact, considering the gravity of the situation, the space of performance of the governments very narrow and is limited, although the current Brazilian economic situation to be enviable. Adopted measures – the Brazilian government adopted varied measured to attenuate the effect of the crisis. To protect the banking system and to increase the liquidity the wallet purchase was established a legislation facilitating of credits of banks in difficulty for the banks most solid.

Aiming at to regularize it offers of credit had been gradually set free resources of the obligatory deposits. Certain banking consolidation exemplificada by the junction of the Ita Bank was initiated with Unibanco, or for the purchase of part of the capital of the Votorantin for the Bank of Brazil and other operations of this nature they will be able to occur next. Resources of the exchange reserves had been offered stop to equate the lack of external credit, mainly for the renewal of operations of companies in Brazil and for the financing of the exportations, among others. Some of these interventions had been adopted on the basis of the belief that the markets will be normalized in a stated period not very long. In this in case that they would have been made right, therefore they can alliviate the impacts most acute of the retraction of the credit.