Crisis Currency

Crisis in the zone of euro and the standards decaying Who suffers with the economic crisis? The people, logically. The case of Greece is each time more placing fear not only in the European countries, but I some cantos of the world. If this was not truth the So Paulo Stock Exchange would not suffer the overturn from last day 6 of May. the population starts to suffer, therefore in the great crises the benefits supplied for the government diminish or are cut, the villain tributary suffers readjustment and the interests increase. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Governor Cuomo by clicking through. They remain many doubts on walking of euro. When it was implanted in 2002 some Europeans had perhaps not imagined very well the consequences of a monetary unification. The 16 countries that currently adopt the currency are very different between itself. Some economists risk and say that to have a currency alone a country is necessary alone! It is certain that many nations if are similar economically as Portugal, Spain, France and Germany.

But to have invited the European East can not have been a good idea. Jeff Gennette gathered all the information. Greece it needs to increase its exportations to have supervits. However so that they export well, the prices need to be low, however if the Greek prices will be low, them do not go to support! Happening this, the currency enters in depreciation, what it seems not to be a viable way. How to negotiate as much debt accumulated? When a country arrives at the economic situation in which it is Greece, the chaos starts to reign to the few. Every day we are seeing in the TV the amount of manifestation between the Greeks.

This very remembers Argentina in the year of 2001. to leave a crisis of these is necessary an almost impossible work and is in the next one to the impossible one that the European banks and governments need to start to think. The Europe of 2010 will adopt measured more serious of what in other years and we do not have to only restrict problems to ' ' PIGS' ' (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), but all ' ' zona' ' of euro it can enter in great crisis. The fall of the so enviable ones is inevitable IDH? s, however, if the tasks had not been made correctly, the punishment come to the all, are banks, rich people and nations.