Two Destinations Cruises Premium

Egypt offers a unique landscape ideal for enjoying a holiday. This country is one of the most important tourist centers in the world for that reason are offered a variety of offer to Egypt. One of the most interesting ways to know this country is hiring a cruise. Egypt is a country in Africa and also includes the Sinai peninsula, which belongs to the Asian continent. The capital of this country is Cairo.

Integrates a large part of their surface of the Sahara desert, which is inhabited only in the vicinity of the oasis. The most important river in this country is the Nile River and the vast majority of the population sits on the margins of this and in the delta where most of the fertile land is located, also acquire great relevance some urban centres located on the shores of the Red Sea and Mediterranean. Its climate is desert with scarce rainfall and a high thermal amplitude with very hot days and cold nights. 5% Of the surface of Egypt is composed of national parks. Some of the largest and most important of Egypt national parks is the National Park of Elba which boasts a wide variety of ecosystems, such as coral reefs, coastal dunes, coastal salt marshes, coastal desert plains and Mountains area. As in various countries of the world Egypt Gets a great income through tourism and generates a large number of jobs. Another important tourist point is the Caribbean, which has a wide variety of offerings. One of the highlights of the Caribbean is Mexico, which is one of the few countries which, like Egypt, have piramides. Mexico in addition to the pyramids has another important tourist center that is the Caribbean and as always they have a wide variety of Caribbean offerings. These two destinations are the most important in the world and offer a variety of alternatives and prices for all purchasing powers.