Creating Change

After you beat the greatest battle of all: the face yourself and change, where as you shake your old version and move toward the unknown, the challenge you face is all beside you. Change is not only a matter of one, but those around us. The family, business, organization, culture, interpersonal relationships fiber already accustomed to interacting with you in a specific way, are the ones who can stop you. Nietzsche warns us: you have the challenge of developing the unquenchable force generation and creativity within itself, while it depends on the need to get something powerful out of herself. We live stuck between having a life without precedent (the generation) or a previous life (the shortage) between being the exception, or be the rule, between being original or be copied.

I think that Nietzsche would have liked The Simpsons. In one episode Homer discovered why was such an idiot: he had a crayon inserted into the brain. Since childhood, this object was blocking his intellectual capacity that made him the stupid we all know. The doctors chose to remove and a miracle occurred: Homer was smart. His IQ went from 55 to 105 points, almost double. Lisa, the child prodigy, was amazed by its new parent. Now, finally, explaining why she was so brilliant if you had relatives morons. Western Union will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Among the new intelligent acts Homer began to write a report about the fragile security of the nuclear plant where he worked and what gets unintentionally, is the dismissal of all workers and the closure of the company.