King Carlos

Troops to organize and conduct Alfonso VIII of Castile would take that shortcut, and July 16, 1212, after minor skirmishes, reached the summit and were propagated through the plain, where located and attacked thousands of Muslims, led by Almohad Caliph Muhammad an-Nasir, also known by the Christians, through the name "Miramamolin." Miramamolin is bloody and respected in faithfulness to the point that the Caliph is surrounded by fan-savage brutality that springs from his own personal guard: black, who are faithful soldiers, slaves, Senegal fans, and those who identify Black Watch by the Sultan who were known as "Imesebelen." The Sultan kept them tied up and armed to the teeth, and they remain enslaved and subjected to the environment of the Sultan's tent, through thick chains that bind, and that by linking rings to large stakes that anchor to the ground: in warrior honor, loyalty to the Caliph and delivery of their lives in defense of the Sultan, without the possibility of personal flight. Designed the plan of attack starts a fierce battle, with the addition of Christian fury II flag Diego Lopez de Haro, Lord of Biscay fifth-and culminates in the victory of the famous Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, then known by the Plain the slab-founded the town that after King Carlos III of Spain, and distant from the time of the great victory in the eighteenth century. At the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, however, participate to the tune of 70,000 Christians, of which 2000 would fall in battle to fight the bulk of 125,000 Muslims, of which 90 000 Moors lose their lives in the bloody battle of the slab . .