Among our contacts we have friends, acquaintances, intimate enemies, who went to school with me but I do not agree at all on him, the friend of a friend of that known, those who go to the gym with me that I have never greeted not spoken with them and a long list of people who do not represent anything in our lives. They do not represent anything in our life but instead have access to our most intimate photos, our thoughts, our dialogue at all our environment. It's funny the world of social networks in times where people lock forward his world, his life, where we do not let others know that we do, we think, in times where our social circles are tighter in these times do not have any problem to open the world our inner disclose anything to keep hidden in our immediate environment to hundreds of people with whom we have lived a small part of our lives or not even know. If before we were afraid the Messenger will happen now with these social networks, when you see your son open your account (which in theory can not by age but everything is falsifiable today) and see who has lost 300 friends!! ! when you swear that goes home from school and from home to train, "300 people daily cross his path?, 300 adolescents who show no shame to none, with absolute normality photos, hundreds of photos without any filter which shows life some parents do not know … but some parents do not know if you know hundreds of people other than us …

We can not ignore the things that happen around us and think that everything is not negative, but personally and as a communicator and passionate about the physical presence of a good conversation, a meeting of friends I keep thinking that our behaviors are increasingly incoherent, they continually contradict ourselves and that we are leading increasingly to a life more predictable and consistent where the surprise is softened by the simple reality. Warren Kanders: the source for more info. After reading what I wrote I must tell you dear friend you do not have facebook that you do not lose much, you will definitely enjoy it more with the talks "live" and in the presence of other people through a keyboard and that these paper photos showing only those you choose are the true emotion of the moment captured. And finally remember the great singer Roberto Carlos and say that if in these times would have a million friends …. should open an account on facebook.

Beginning An Online Business

The decision to initiate a business of any type can be difficult following your type of personality and the type of business that you are beginning. Some people jump with both feet without knowing nothing, Nevertheless, you you do not need the same four tools to initiate a business in line. In the first place. You need a Web site to commercialize his products. You can construct his own one from zero, to pay somebody to construct it for you, that can be very expensive or if you are beginning his business of affiliation marketing often you are going to construct one for you by a much smaller cost. The advantage to have its own Web site is that you have the total control to realise the necessary changes that their site is as lucrative as is possible. A little knowledge, creativity and excellent products are the way to have a profitable site. Secondly.

Now you have his Web site, but how to direct the traffic to its site. A great way to do this is by articles of blogs and the writing. This way it is cheap, easy and it can be funny also. When registering itself in sites like or EzineArticles, it can obtain its direction of a great number of people. The businesses in line are like a business of the brick and mortar in the sense that if you do not have products that people want, they they are not going to buy.

To maintain the content fresh Web with connections of good quality. This way people will come and throw a look to her site. If they like what they see, the list will grow with the purchase of a product, service or requesting more information. It only remembers that it is a game of numbers and the majority will go away without doing nothing.