Hidden Treasure

“Near the river Indus was a Persian named Ali Hafed. He owned a huge ranch where he lived comfortably with his family. However, the man, though rich, he felt his life was meaningless and had the legitimate desire to improve further. One day a passenger showed him a diamond and said how much worth. The rich man obsessed with the idea of becoming billionaire sold the farm, left his wife and children temporarily with a relative charge and went in search of his longing.

Ali had spent much money looking for diamonds in all sandy beaches and clear rivers, hitherto known. I returned anonymously in misery to their city after several years but his family had moved. Like a rolling failed, disappointed and lost , entered the sea and killed himself. The real tragedy of the story is this: The man who bought the farm of Ali Hafed, one morning he was taking his camels to drink at the stream that passed through his ground and saw a black stone that emitted a flash of light. It is not something Areva would like to discuss. The cleaned and found a beautiful crystal.

Dug into the waters of the creek and almost on a level floor and most beautiful gems found great yet. In this way, and in this beautiful place, it was discovered the largest diamond deposit in the world: The mine “Golconda.” The most wonderful gems have been found to come from the farm was despised Ali Hafed. “How often this happens in our lives We do not know what we value. On the contrary, we are never satisfied with what we have: our body, our mind, our home, our work, our family, our ability, our virtues, our lives, our community, our country, our planet. We superfluous things, forgetting the true treasure that everyone has around him and within himself. As well as Daniel Defoe said in his novel “Robinson Crusoe”: “If we are unhappy because of what we’re missing, you do not know what we have to thank.” When was the last time I beheld a sunset in summer? When was the last time you appreciate the sincere smile on the face of a child? When was the last time you felt the wind blowing in your body or the scent of a flower in your nose? When was the last time you enjoyed the lively conversation of an old man who just wanted someone to have time for it? When was the last time you paid attention to your inner voice telling you: I want to change? The most wonderful treasures exist in your environment. There are only hoping that you caught. Everything is removing a little of your time and just enjoy them. The first step is simple: change your attitude of life, without neglecting what was given to you. Only when you recognize that you’re a special person, you will feel immensely millions with what you have.


The intelligence is closer to humility, as Jung said: Nature is aristocratic: always prevails and is dominion over the human aspirations. A smart way is one that having been informed about the mental processes, respects and leverages its dynamics to generate profits. No battle against them. Working in the mind of a productive way is just use the natural process of human mind but in a way that is productive and generate the optimal emotional state that can respond to life as we want. The way that you think reflects the tidal energy which you are planted today, and thus leads to negative thoughts and feelings that seized adverse. It is the magnetism of the emotional tide where you are what attracts them. For this reason, efforts to control them, setting them aside, numb, sleep, postponed, deny them and replace them will become more intense and less productive.

Their views are equally limited. To the extent that you stay in those seas of turbid water, the result will be the same mental journey will always be similar, limited, get the same mental scenarios that will produce those charged emotional climate you already know. The good news is that these problems can be reversed just as plain and unnoticeable and can start because the same mental processes are valid for positive states as well: they also attract a multitude of ideas, circumstances, people, subjects, objects of equivalent energy, ie attract overseas profits and increased welfare. His thoughts and emotions define the tidal energy in which you are located.