Regional Development

Non-profit partnership to get the status of SRO in the building must meet the following requirements (Article 55.4 of the Construction Code): – a non-profit partnership should combine the required number of professional participants in the construction market: legal entities and (or) individual entrepreneurs, foreign companies certified in the Russian Federation – a non-profit partnership should develop and adopt standards and rules of business or professional activity, binding on all members of the SRO in the building. Of course, these standards and regulations shall not conflict with federal laws and create obstacles to the implementation of construction companies and individual entrepreneurs, their professional activities – non-profit partnership is to establish a compensation fund, minimum size of which depends on the type of SRO (at least 500 thousand or 1 million rubles. for each member of the nonprofit partnership that receives the status of SRO in the building). However, in the case of insurance of the civil partnership members Third-party liability minimum compensation fund must be at least 150 or 300 thousand rubles. for each member – a non-profit partnership should undergo the procedure of obtaining the status of CPO in the authorized government body – the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). The authorized state body in case of compliance with all requirements of noncommercial partnership requirements for obtaining the status of SRO in the building making information about it from awarding the status of CPO in the state register of self-regulatory organizations. Thus, companies wishing to establish a CPO in the construction, to organize non-profit organization as a nonprofit partnership, there to await the entry required number of individual entrepreneurs and building companies to create compensation fund and then apply to Rostekhnadzor for the corresponding status and wait for confirmation. People such as gibson dean would likely agree. Note that as a result of construction work reforms will not affect the safety of ACS (no included in the above order of Russian Ministry of Regional Development), the builders may now be performed without any special permits, licenses and permits..

Yage Guinea

History of The Future Sound can be divided into two parts approximately: up Accelerator and after Lifeforms. Accelerator album track, and especially Papua New Guinea was a turning point in the fate of the group. Before Accelerator'ny period very few people known. Only a few names of Mental Cube, Humanoid, Semi Real, Yage, Smart Systems and Indo Tribe something to say. Many writers such as Siemens offer more in-depth analysis. Dance and underground music.

All released in the light before the album Accelerator never reprinted. Contact information is here: Billon. And it is unlikely that any of this can be found in music stores. Their breakthrough in the mass began with the Papua New Guinea. This track voiced series for the BBC. It is said that it attracted the attention of Virgin Records and they signed a contract with the band, Brian and Gary Cobain Dugans (Brian Dougans & Gary Cobain – all releases to Accelerator'a name was listed as Gary Cockbain, no one really can not say why, including the most Cobain). Students at Manchester University, who studied electronics, Cobain and Dugans organized the project in early 90s.

Vocal Lisa Gerrard sample (Lisa Gerrard) from Dead Can Dance, bass line of one of the compositions of Meat Beat Manifesto, plus sluggish rhythms UK breakbeat and ambient layers piling up – from this material was made first, and probably the most famous hit FSOL – Papua New Guinea. Single his way, even pop the UK charts, reprinted six times and the number of remixes for this track tends to infinity. FSOL, was interested in experiments with the musical ideas of philosophers and glands of hallucinogens were something of a musical panacea-90.


With the consent of the latter, of course. Increasing popularity it has received from their parents – each location request costs about 5 rubles. A if the subscriber does not agree to see him? A consent and do not ask. Through the same detective agency, you can easily arrange and mobile surveillance. One concerned the so-calculated the corresponding manual location of consuming her husband. If the husband was not home at the appointed time, to his own restaurant came the wife.

On the third visit of the man broke. Vowed to drink only at home, if the spouse will open a secret: it unmistakably his calculated? I had to admit that for each woman finding private investigators laid out $ 500. About the same, as detectives without the consent of the subscriber recognize its location, we can only guess. Although it is clear that if there is a way to track a person even in the giant Moscow, there is always a demand for such information. A check on the honesty of all the techies in the cellular companies are simply not available. Bugs program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Clarification In the last issue we wrote that in Russia, 142 million people own mobile handsets. In fact we have so many mobile phone subscribers: the same person may have several rooms to be mobile and call several operators. Q. Why is not the filling in the stolen pipes intersect? But if the mobile sends a signal, even without the battery, why would using A-GPS does not look for the stolen pipes? The more so because each cell phone has a unique identification number or IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identifier (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Joint Stock Companies

Grinmeyla concept, or greenmail, firmly established in contemporary reality. However, a unified approach to its definition is still there. Traditionally, grinmeylom understand intervention of third parties in activities company based on the fact of ownership of its voting shares, aimed at creating barriers to the society of normal economic activity for the purpose of forcing the latter to buy shares owned by third parties, at a price significantly higher than the market. Forms of corporate blackmail is very diverse. However, the actions grinmeylerov inherent in some common traits: 1) corporate blackmail carried out by its shareholders.

But you should realize that the person registered in the register of shareholders, ie de jure owning shares, are not financial and ideological blackmail by the organizers. As Typically, shares are purchased on the nominees (one-day companies, offshore companies). Grinmeylery themselves prefer to stay in the shade and are often afraid of publicity, 2) corporate blackmail aimed at create adverse economic conditions for society (for example, invalidation of transactions entered into by him, the suspension of the company, the failure of the planned contracts). The object of the attack may be not only property relations, but also goodwill economic society, and 3) to compel a corporate blackmailers is the most joint-stock company, its management, other shareholders to buy shares owned by blackmailers in exchange for a cessation of activity that is harmful to society, 4) from a formal point of view of corporate blackmailers are not violations of legislation. Corporate blackmailers, exercise the rights accorded to them by the Federal Law of 26 December 1995 "On Joint Stock Companies" (hereinafter – the Companies Act), but realize them to a company of adverse effects.