Fulvic Acid Protects Against Radiation

According to scientific studies, the fulvic acid can protect against radioactive radiation. Fulvic acid fulvic acid eliminates radiation after Dr. William R. Click Facebook Inc. for additional related pages. Jackson. A truly amazing substance! And last but not least: directly from mother nature and probably their most valuable and best kept secret! Recognized by leading scientists as the missing link for optimal health and nutrition. A miracle of nature, so outstanding, that medical studies show that it has the ability to change our lives significantly for the better. As safe, effective and effective that doctors around the world used it for thousands of years with amazing results. Scientists found a missing link in our food chain and assume that the world’s burgeoning degenerative diseases directly related to the lack of precisely this substance in our food can be. It is not something UPS would like to discuss.

Experts know that it just takes more for our health as vitamins and minerals this third Nutrient element is as important. This ground-breaking discovery is supported by little-known and also secret research by top institutions from around the world: medical schools, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical laboratories. Most people in the world know nothing yet of this medical discovery for good reasons until recently you never knew that it exists, it could not decrypt and they had identified it, as it was so complex that it has not understood it. It was finally identified as the most complex substance in the world. Some of the research-based medical institutions are able to develop synthetic patented medicines. Of course, since no interest is that you know about inexpensive and natural solutions.

Pharmaceutical companies anxious rush to patent synthetic versions of this natural substance, dozens of patents have been approved already. But mother nature will make them all in the shade, because they will never be able, the natural handwriting to trace this substance is too complex. An estimated 80% of these pharmaceuticals are insulated synthetic fragments of this holistic and perfect missing “link” from mother nature.

Setting Goals As Protection Against Burnout

How to use the tool “Setting goals” is properly a myth in the setting of targets so widespread, how he’s wrong: who sets specific goals, is stressed to suffer much more vulnerable, the infamous Burnout than others and as such. However, who warns of setting concrete targets for this reason, is similar to that which warns not to go because yes most people in bed dying at night to bed. Mishandling of objectives every tool we use, can also be abused, that is in the nature of things, so to speak. And I of course have to learn any tool properly to deal with, whether it is a hammer, a drill or a car. Otherwise, the danger that I pity me or others, is great. “The same applies to the handling of the tool set goals”. Swarmed by offers, Sirius XM is currently assessing future choices.

Common errors the most common mistake in relation to personal objectives is that to one side, used only in an area of life, mostly the professional probably. The result is unfortunately all too often, that professional success with failure in other areas of life (too) expensive bought is, E.g. by the health damage or break involves family life, only the two most common to name a few. And Yes, then actually increases the risk of burnout. Nevertheless: Setting goals is healthy and if you learn to make that are for the personal objectives of crucial importance on three things: 1. set objectives in all important areas of life make sure on balanced objectives in all key areas of life. Set and goals in relation to the amount of time you spend with your family and friends or health goals. Thus you prevent your whole life in lopsided, if it is not so running with the achievement of objectives within a range, as hoped.

2. Recently Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant sought to clarify these questions. learn productive defeats to handle defeats and disappointments include the most successful to every life. And almost always applies: even if you have time only partially achieved a goal, so you did still more, than if you had done even a target. 3. set goals neither to put deep you still too high the targets too deep on, then prevent that they give that amount of extra energy, which is always connected with the setting challenging goals. You put them on but too high, then produce in the long run only frustration and you lose energy instead, you win that. If you notice these things, then you will experience, you are to join your forces capable of much better, and much less bogged down. Thus you are no much better able, even”to say what is a major stress factor for many people. Even though you may only partially achieve some goals, so you will have many small and larger success this way, which in turn represent an essential protective factor before a burnout. Markus Frey

Protection For The Summer

Glasses, hat and sunscreen In the summer, play an important role airy clothes and bathing fun. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Amazon. When all euphoria one should however not neglected: adequate sun protection. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant usually is spot on. The news portal news.de informs about the three most important beach equipment for the whole family. The current summer accessories are not only useful, but also add to the beauty. The best example is the sunglasses, without which today no prominent more comes out. There are not only fashion aspects to keep in mind when choosing the correct model. So it is especially important that the sunglasses has the necessary UV protection. Further criteria for the purchase are according to the Board of Trustees of good seeing the glare protection category and a high quality finish.

Dark glasses alone say nothing about the protection from UV rays. Who does not consult with an expert can be, should pay attention to the CE marking on the inside of the temple. The use of sunscreen, and not just for sunbathing in summer is essential. As a general rule: the higher the sun protection factor, the less must to be Lubed. After each session in the water, but the new application is required. Children need generally protective clothing and a head covering.

The latter is appropriate also for adults. With a Sun Hat, they prevent a sunstroke, whose symptoms include nausea, dizziness and headache and neck pain. More information: travel-and-live /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

United States Femto

Femto LASIK is the most modern form of LASIK is waived when applying a cutting instrument. The Femto LASIK is an evolution of the original LASIK surgery and can be used for all those who feel restricted by their visual impairment in quality of life, provide a permanent solution to address their poor eyesight. Those that are permanent by wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses embossed for many years, will know the hopeless feeling, which plagued many of the persons concerned. Although some people consider wearing glasses even as jewelry, you can’t speak yet by the unrestricted exercise of everyday life. First and foremost for those who play like also sports, the glasses quickly becomes a factor of exclusion and also contact lenses are not a permanent solution.

Therefore, think more and more Sehgeschwachte about a long-term resolution of the aforementioned and encounter eyes lasers here that. As also the conventional LASIK method, are at the poor eyesight corrected the Femto LASIK using a laser. The Femto LASIK is the most modern method of eye of Laserns and is performed throughout Europe since 2001 in the United States, and since the year 2004. The original LASIK method was modified insofar as that is well prepared with the Femto LASIK the so-called ‘flap’ the thin layer of the cornea with a laser. Apart from the Femto LASIK surgery follows the conventional procedures. The femtosecond laser used is an infrared laser, which exerts its effect in the cornea. These lasers work in a more precise way and as a result more accurate results by is eyes lasers.

Through this so-called Femotsekundenlaser, surgical risks such as cutting errors and cut complications are now almost impossible. This that now is the so-called ‘flap’ without touching, reduces automatically also the risk of infection during surgery for such. The most important in considering a Femto LASIK is a thorough preliminary investigation at the first of all, it is determined if you come at all for such an operation in question and also, what concrete results from such a derogation are expected.


It is clear that eye drops and tablets need to be applied in different ways. It is clear that eye drops and tablets need to be applied in different ways. How tablets are taken, which by the way, rarely be used in ophthalmology to treat, everyone knows: easy to swallow with water. But how are the eyedrops in ophthalmology eye gels and eye ointments prescribed now most commonly applied? Eye drops, gels and nasal are given in the lower conjunctival SAC (between inside of the lower lid and the eye). How this is done is described further down still more. More recently, there is also the possibility to install agents on the surface of the eye (only for dry eyes) by spray gift on the closed eye. Not even the eye makeup is damaged here.

In severe disease Depot injection necessary may be in addition to the eye or behind the eye. She resulted in pros and cons which is various means to disadvantage of the ointments the through constraint Vision (lubricant film on the eye), so that they can be applied only at bedtime. Gels and drops do not affect the eyesight usually. The duration of the effectiveness of eye drops or eye gel depends on the used ingredient. Times between 1 hour and 24 hours are possible. A depot shot next to the eye is attached to the case of arthritis, as the strongest and most lasting effect can be achieved. Unfortunately, injections are not particularly pleasant.

Also, there are injections in the eye now. In this case, a local anesthetic is made prior to the injection, so that the syringe is not painful. About side effects of eye drops (Similarly, in the transferred sense of course where applicable also for eye ointments, eye gels, eye sprays, eye medicine, and many similar medicines.) The side effects depend on eye drops from the used ingredient and by the characteristics of the basic liquid or-salbe. Burning and redness of the eye are at some medicines cannot be avoided. Generally, only a minimum of general effect on the body is achieved by these local therapy. This is highly advantageous for the cortisone used frequently in the field of Ophthalmology, for example. However, the notion that no general effects could occur is wrong. As everyone knows, often taking eye drops, some taste unpleasant. The reason is her drain into the nose and the recording of the nasal mucosa and possibly even a run into the neck bent back head. It may be but still very, very much worse. To cite an extreme example: there are eye drops for adults, with which, as not only parents can imagine, can bring a newborn in mortal danger when intensive or even intense.

SAC Bottle

Self treatment with eye drops, eye ointment or eye gel you pulling the lower eyelid slightly downwards of the eye with a finger of one hand, looks up, holding the bottle in the other hand over the lower eyelid pulled down and squeezing the bottle until a drop in the conjunctival SAC or on the white of the eye. The best is in the mirror. It’s even easier if someone else can, giving the drops from the bottle in the conjunctival SAC of the eye. The top of the drop bottle should not touch the eye or the lid. Again for reasons of hygiene.

On the other hand, it can be very painful and also cause injury if one touches the pupil or the iris of the eye. The application in principle is just as ointments and gels. Here, it is sometimes useful to make the tube previously lukewarm because the ointment is otherwise not soft enough and the entered ointments strand right back out slips from the conjunctival SAC. To note is also the expiration date of the medicines or the time since the beginning of the package. Often, the shelf life is only 4-6 after opening weeks.

The beginning date can not be forgotten, it is advisable to make a note of it on the packaging of the drugs. After the durability medicines should not be used. You should then also no longer stored in the medicine cabinet, where otherwise a jumble of tubes broken on and bottles, packaging, partly without packaging, mixed with various leaflets, would develop in the course of time. In an emergency the need is not very fast to find then. Old drugs should be disposed immediately after expiry of shelf life that is, at the pharmacy or at the collection established by the city cleaning. It may not happen, that another family member opened eye ointment further used as half a year ago, because it had the same complaints now. Medicines should keep always in locked medicine cabinets, they can not reach children. Bordering the eye which the self treatment Can what I take drops? A frequently asked question which you so obviously can’t answer. An ophthalmologist should be visited at all unusual pain, redness or appearance degradation. Here, the harmless finding can then be separated from the dangerous. The self-therapy is quite possible in relapse of known diseases, previously a clear diagnosis must be made but. Sure, one can repeat the once talked about therapy for well-known problems with dry eyes since such drops are also freely available. Dangerous it is nothing can do but, if you take simple vasoconstrictor eyedrops unknown origin for permanent redness, dampen the redness, but to the cause. So, sometimes serious eye diseases are veiled and abducted up to major damage. Then also no eye drops help.

New Park Clinic

Conversion of document hospital on the Schrevenpark completed remember rather modern, bright hotel rooms than in hospital rooms, offer free Wi-Fi, TV flat screens, a comfortable bathroom and for the patients more room, individually to unfold: the new rooms of the Park clinic at the Schrevenpark. Lasted six months the reconstruction works, where the stations of the House have been completely modernised. The total cost of the innovations are at 2.3 million euros. 268,000 Euros came from the land, the lion’s share of the operators of the privately held document hospital itself. After two years ago, the entire ground floor was restructured and modernised, the Park clinic can now count among the most modern hospitals in Northern Germany. Our goal was to combine modern design and functionality.

Finally, we want that our patients feel comfortable and met all requirements of a modern hospital”, as Joachim Bauer, Managing Director of the Park clinic. One was accordingly long and careful planning is necessary. Together with the Office, staff of the clinic developed guts architects + engineers, Kiel, a concept that creates the clinic for patients an environment for the best recovery and at the same time the best possible working conditions for the medical and nursing team. In six-month conversion time, all patient rooms have been modernized and equipped with a comfortable private bathroom. At the same time, all corridors, common rooms, function rooms and the staircase of the stations have been redesigned. A special eye-catcher is the imposing glass Bay window, which extends over two floors and shows the station corridors in more natural light. Particular emphasis was placed on the colour – and light design of the rooms: the modern facilities was combined with warm colours and the establishment specifically geared to the needs of the House.

The aura of the Park clinic is special and should be maintained even after the conversion; a hospital design from the rod not came thus in question”, Bauer explains. After the conversion, you are now Patient admission and the bistro-like waiting area in the bright, open entrance area. The doctors and anesthesia consultation are also installed on the ground floor for the patients, this means short distances. We are proud of the long and successful history of our park clinic”, says Martin Volckers, Medical Director of the Park clinic. Even more, we are pleased to present you a brand new, State of the art clinic, where our patients feel comfortable”, so Volckers. No matter whether legally or privately insured, in our House can each patient an optimal medical care rely on!” Park clinic is the Park clinic at the Schrevenpark for more than 100 years an integral part of the Kiel hospital landscape. It is one of the few run by doctors and registered privately owned hospitals in the Federal territory. The specialist areas are gynaecology, surgery/Proctology, Otorhinolaryngology and anesthesia. The three centres of expertise in breast centre belonging to the Park clinic Kiel-Mitte, the pelvic floor Center and the Center for minimally invasive surgery.

The Board

Use drugs only in extreme cases In the advanced stage affected parties is often located in a vicious circle: for him incomprehensible connections and reactions of others resulted in anxiety, which often went into a depression. Here often will rely on psychotropic drugs. “These should be used only in extreme cases and then also only low doses and for a short time”, Wallace knows. You’re not the patient just only to make but any aggression, fears, to treat depression and sleep disorders. But caution is advised when taking of psychotropic drugs: through loss of muscle mass in the age and concurrent increase in body fat were to observe more side effects.

Wallace: Neuroleptics – a pharmaceutical group, the especially “Psychosis take on painful muscle tension, tremors of the hands, can cause indigestion, involuntary movements, and abnormal heart rhythm.” Don’t underestimate non-drug measures in addition to the correct medication, but above all physical and mental suggestions for patients with dementia were significant. “Wallace: at the beginning of the disease, it is the memory training, what keeps mentally fit.” Concentration exercises to avoid excessive demands and frustrations. Singing, music, dancing, modeling, and design are just a few possibilities. It is important that feelings and problems independent of words are expressed. Members could support also affected in their self-preservation: photos and stories from life, but also certain smells and objects be as conducive.

It is important that members so take the demented people, as they are”, so Wendt. Argument, discussion and lack of understanding to avoid. Because this laces only the fear of those affected, which could not properly assess the reactions of their opponents. Justus and Wallis agree a secure prevention of dementia is not possible to operate, but it is possible to minimize the risk and to shift the start time back”. The treatment of medical risks in the foreground, but also a customized way of life as no excessive alcohol consumption, no smoking and avoiding obesity would be. Details can be found by clicking Jeff Gennette or emailing the administrator. For the brain is the mental activity as important as maintaining social contacts”, finally as Justus. About the Chamber of pharmacists of Bremen: The Bremen Chamber of pharmacists represents the concerns of the pharmacists in Bremen and Bremerhaven. It provides the interests of approximately 540 members of the Chamber in the State of Bremen, in politics, the public and the media. The members about 180 community pharmacies, hospital and presumed behind. The Board is committed to a cost-conscious Health system, for high quality and expertise in the pharmacies. It stands for the principles of State – and vocational policy and is actively working on the further development. As a partner in Bremen’s health, the Chamber has written the realization of future services on the flags. Here, the Board considered the interests of pharmacists and customers always balanced. For more information, inquiries to: Reitzenstein Lenk – Agency for PR and CSR GbR Annika gene Heilsberg monitored 17 24 28195 Bremen phone: 0421 / 949 38 13 E-Mail:


Alternative healthier smoking, easy and convenient alternative healthier smoking. The hot trend is: change to cigarette Qualmer to the E-cigarettes “Steamer”, change – < the tobacco cigarette with tar, carbon monoxide and many other harmful substances in the smoke–> on the “Winning” E-cigarette electronic expansion cartridges with harmless LIQUID (evaporation of liquid), which 5 units with tobacco taste (no nicotine) in the standard kit are included, according to 50 cigarettes. The average habit smoking has known over the years many default situation in the daily routine accustomed to, when he reaches for a cigarette almost automatically: for example after breakfast, if he’s car increases or decreases the receiver after a good cup of coffee after the meal, when something upsets him or nervous more makes, at the beginning of a break and much. Then the handle according to the cigarette almost automatically. Therefore it ensures stable, that he always at hand with cigarettes Pack has. And just as the “winning” E-cigarette KIT in the online shop is designed in that he with the one dough intercooler Kit the familiar “package”; (appropriate 20 cigarettes) “steam ready” always at hand has no cumbersome refilling of liquid-liquid in the cartridge or an empty tank with a syringe. On the road or out of the House you have the charging station (looks like a cigarette pack) 2 charged batteries and 5 cartridges always, so good Pack supplied with cigarettes as with 2-1/2, to save money but about 60%! And one “steams” 1 cartridge on healthier article = 100 trains = 10 cigarettes and 1 battery (battery) is already equivalent with a half Pack cigarettes.

8 times, with the loaded station, you can recharge the batteries before the station itself on the Web or on your PC must be recharged. Crawford Lake Capital Management will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Order additional cartridges with tobacco flavor (no nicotine) or cartridges with non-nicotine taste substances such as menthol, peppermint, citrus (lemon), vanilla, etc. are always possible in the winning SHOP. So,. secured a supply of supply in the long term. And with regard to the “Experts” often in the press statements quote “nobody knows exactly what because all the liquid included in is and also to the environment is breathed out” here a clear statement: for the “WINNING”-liquids there is a certificate, Swiss Societe Generale de Surveillance Geneva (SGS), according to which the ingredients exactly is analyzed with zero nicotine for the health of the “steamer” as harmless are certified and in accordance with the EU regulations are issued by the internationally recognized No.

1907/2006 as well as the EU Commission Directive 1999/45/EC, 67/548/EEC. 76.9% of the “winning”-LIQUIDS according to SGS certificate consists of harmless pure Dipropylen glycol, which is used worldwide in the so-called fog machines for theatre, film and television. The remaining 23.1% comprise harmless flavourings set out in the certificate; in food quality other than distilled water. It’s so easy and convenient for the willing to transfer to smokers who want to do something for his health.

Safe Medical Facilities

On the one hand medical facilities where no safety control is prescribed, are tested according to DIN VDE 0751-1 or DIN VDE 62353. Examples of this category are microscopes and other laboratory equipment, suction devices and exam lights. On the other hand, the entire range of equipment in a practice must be checked. These include vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, microwaves but also extension cables and power strips. This test is the VDE 0701/0702 to reason. Detailed information for testing according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 get inspection stickers-news.de. The tests to ensure the safety of patients, staff or third parties according to BGV A3. The periodic check of electrical medical devices or products are not prescribed by DIN VDE 0751-1.

Should exist no determination by the manufacturer, the responsibility during the practice owner or the operator of medical technology. The guideline is about a year between two retries. Influencing factors must however be given prominence as the type of device, the usage purpose and the frequency, the operating conditions, the frequency of lack of and maintaining the devices. For the setting of inspection periods of electrical equipment a breakdown carried out by the VDE 0701/0702 for the time being mobile and -resources. Mobile equipment is portable devices such as vacuum cleaner, coffee machines and kettles, which must be tested in an interval of one year. For devices in offices such as printers and phones, a control sufficient of all two years. Fixed electrical equipment are installed in a site, in the longer term such as, for example, washing machines.

Here the test period is four years. Only specially trained persons, such as electricians, approved and calibrated measuring instruments may test a VDE it. The auditor or the auditor must have at any time their qualifications. The examination of electrical medical devices and resources will focus on an early detection of defects, which in the worst case can lead to hazards, damage and accidents. The VDE test includes various types of inspection and electrical measurements:-Visual inspection – investigation of the electrical appliance on externally visible defects and damage such as faulty cables, plugs or switches, Wear, missing covers, faulty repairs, safety-reducing pollution, presence of security-relevant inscriptions and proper labelling of electrical measurements – collection of various electrical measurements, depending on the type of appliance, protection class and measuring method measuring the protective conductor resistance measuring the insulation resistance measurement of the substitute leakage current measuring the contact current measurement of the patient the leading current measurement of the differential current function test must only after successful inspection and performed to correct results; Device will be activated according to its purpose and function upper fourth documentation contains information to the investigator (name, business name, signature), measurement methods, measurements, date of inspection, etc., defects or damage is observed in a VDE testing, the inspector must issue a recommendation for repair and the medical device with a corresponding test badge, for example with “the inscription defect”, attach. After completed inspection with no deficiencies have been identified, is the identification of the medical device with the corresponding certification label. The badge has tested the printing of medical technology according to BGV A3 “and also indicates the next test date with month and year. A compliance with all medical product Act, demands and BGV A3 tests ensure not only legal certainty across the street from authorities and the insurance protection from damage or accidents. Enables the functionality, accurate diagnosis and quality for patients at a safe level.