If you intend to choose a laminate, we encourage you to focus on the following issues: * Class laminate. It depends on in which room you're going to lay this stuff. For example, for hallway or kitchen should be chosen high-strength laminate, and bathroom – a special, moisture-resistant form of the coverings. Clay, who need to fluff the joints before laying laminate planks must be waterproof. * Aesthetics of the room. Color and pattern of flooring can create a special mood in the room, as well as visually expand or lengthen it. Specialists in design * recommend to choose laminate flooring and baseboards to the tone lighter color interior doors.

But the thresholds should represent a cross – in color and texture – between floor coverings, they connect. * The size of the room. If you are going to the store decoration materials, please bring exact room layout, which are going to lay laminate flooring. On this plan should include all dimensions, angles, ledges and niches. Such a plan would enable the seller to accurately calculate the number of sheets laminate, are needed for the floor in this room. In addition, it will calculate your required amount of plywood for the device "rough" sex, baseboards, thresholds, as well as corners, latches and other devices for fixing skirting boards.