Wind Battery

4) Before zasovyvaniem key in the ignition does not need look carefully in the rearview mirror and frantically correct hairstyle. Assure that the machine be got without these manipulations. 5) If you turn the key and the car will not start, did not need to yell at the entire court: 'My God! All gone! Now I never have time to manicurist! " You just got the battery. Battery – this is such a pandora black (white) color, which is under the hood. Hood – is a pandora, which stretches from the windshield directly before the start of the machine, he is usually the same color as the machine itself.

The hood opens a ruchechkoy, which is on the left below. It is usually press sitting on the driver's seat, but you can try to get out and open the handle, leaned toward her from the outside: in this case, two dozen passers-by will be able to appreciate your fine legs in stockings. Windshield – it's glass, which begins right where the hood ends. It serves to protect against Wind your hair. Well, got the battery. Nothing wrong with that. Enough to go out and ask for a light.

No! Not in that sense! 'Lit up' in the automotive jargon means – ask someone to connect the wires the battery of his car with yours. Do not be shy, it does not is an intimate act, as it seems at first. So quietly stop the first available machine and ask for permission to pair your batteries in reckless embrace of the electric discharge.