Kolner Strasse Market

The know-how of the private flea market in the neighborhood, organization and dates a new Web portal Germany the know-how of the private flea market in the neighborhood, a new Web portal offers Organization and appointments throughout Germany where with Grandma’s antique cupboard, which is indeed valuable, but just standing around? You can learn it on garage troedeltipp.de. Why not a private garage or House flea market open with all unneeded personal household goods? Why with neighbors hold not a small flea market Festival with fun on the swap and sell? Nothing speaks against it. What has served for one, may be interesting for someone else. The private part of the garage, the apartment, the House, or another appropriate place – is decorated with balloons and garlands, and so to the center of the events. Fun and good humor as well as neighbourhood care are guaranteed. A private marketplace and exchange with others, not to mention the private source of income from the sale of lighthearted communication This brings good mood and make new friends. The company Cologne Veedelsmarkte takes over the organisation and advertising and offers ready-made flyer, in which only the personal data to be entered.

Everything else runs against a small fee for advertising and a badge of approval almost by itself. Www.garagen-troedeltipp.de interested parties learn the dates and locations of the flea markets in the vicinity of housing and generally listed by postcode. Provider is experienced as they really can prepare, such as what to do, so that the personal flea market can succeed especially well. The advertising in the media acts across so that the flea markets are always interesting for foreign buyers. Because bargains are quickly discovered and purchased rarely as cheap as on these events with fun and nice people. Contact: Kolner Veedelsmarkte A. van Zutphen Maes (Managing Director) Kolner Strasse 23 50126 Bergheim Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 keywords: garage sale, garage flea market, flea market, flea markets, junk, flea market, flea markets, private sale, market place, date

Germany-wide Communication Platform Of Santa Claus Started

Invitation to the 1st nationwide Weihnachtsmann-colleague sharing the Christmas Bureau, represented by agency head “Christmas fairy” Petra Henkert Germany invite your colleagues on the 1st virtual communication platform for Santa Claus. It aims, a nationwide community of interest”to Santa Claus, Christmas traditions, including Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus and angels in Germany include to maintain. The work of many different Christmas starring should be identified and recognized, because a Santa Claus makes much, a Santa Claus are other topics of community of interest required much”Santa Claus should be: common definition / defining minimum standards of Weihnachtsmann-costumes; common definition of minimum standards for lights; common definition of different categories in Christmas performers; joint training of lights? the mutual presentation of the services of the Weihnachtsmann-agencies and Christmas performers; “” Discussion whether collaborations for customer inquiries are possible and desired… perhaps a forum of worry “for Santa Claus and of course the personal” getting to know colleagues. The Christmas Bureau is hoping for a great resonance among the Christmas colleagues and first results for this year’s Christmas. COSCO is full of insight into the issues. Christmas is only once in a year. And since the Festival to succeed all around, even with the one and the real Santa Claus. Enjoy the Christmas Bureau – Christmas – we take care of everything else from the advent calendar, about their Christmas celebration, details of Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas post, up to the Santa Claus. The Christmas Bureau Petra Henkert

Coin Tricks And Card Tricks Ourselves Learn

You can do magic tricks with coins and cards yourself. During a convivial evening, a wedding or a corporate event you can impress colleagues, friends and relatives with card tricks and coin tricks. Add to your understanding with DHL. You can also learn such tricks if it brings in the necessary endurance, some skill and perseverance. Of course, good guidance on how to learn magic tricks, card tricks and coin tricks will help also. Wizard not reveal their tricks traditionally, but still there are some books and Internet sites that deal with the subject and reveal some secrets. Coin tricks are based almost always ensure that coins before the eyes of the audience disappear and reappear somewhere else. Of course these coins do not really disappear, but are either still in the hand of the magician or he has it in his sleeve or another piece of clothing dropped or sent there. In addition to the skill needed is the ability, the audience distract to can.

The attention of viewers from the actual events must be distracted at the crucial moment. Card tricks are all tricks that are engaged in playing cards. Typically, card tricks are based on just a few basic principles. An essential element is the targeted mix of playing cards. This means that you must put some certain cards so when mixing a deck of playing cards in the deck that you find them again without seeing the picture of the card. This of course also works with a marking on the back. However it is then loaded card and this card trick only with prepared cards can be carried. However, it is an impressive if any any deck can be used for a card tricks.

New Guinea

Voices, however Conditions, food, light, heat, and above all the sympathy, there may be tentative attempts of rapprochement. A large part of the breeding work is therefore most accurate observation and so a comfortable chair is available in every department, because only if you notice the first signs, the couple for possible offspring can be separated. This is because, the ringing must be carried mandatory between fifth and seventh day after birth. The boys stay then about 4 to 5 months with the parents until the recoloring is completed. The boys learn from parents, boys mimic the voice of the dad. Once, Eckhardt was a bird that was held with other birds and had incorporated in his way of singing the melody of a different genus.

The guy no longer verlernte that and hens literally tore itself to this urbane guy, because he was obviously “Foreign languages”. Large parrots and large parakeets Club breeder Albrecht Essel specialises in Salmunster. In his aviaries featured deal deafening cries, when strangers enter the realm. As guard dogs respond to the large, brightly coloured lads and shouting loudly from a safe distance. Xoom shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, distance also for the visitors is sure a good choice, the Krummschnabel are so strong that they can easily cut off a finger. The difficulty of choosing a partner are even bigger than the smaller breeds, the large exotic Esser explains. Cockatoos, for example, is so extreme that, if they do not like themselves, it even happens that the Rooster will kill the hen. Gender differences in the plumage or size are shown, remains only either the endoscopic examination, or more recently the determination of DNA using a spring.

Only in the New Guinea of eclectus parrots, the difference between the sexes is so great that they were long considered two different breeds of bird, the cock is green and with red beak, the egg, however, is red and has a Black beak. Xoom is open to suggestions. That the conservation of the species actually now in the hands of the Breeder is, seen in his rose chest beard parakeets, of which there are only a maximum of 8 pairs in Germany. Accurate on the finger is watched the breeders, the controls are strict and most stringent requirements apply to sales. It is accurate book and the evidence with messages must be respected meticulously. These difficulties and the effort required for the propagation and rearing easily explain, why can no longer handled the exotics at knockdown prices. And while a bird should never be alone, because they need the company of their own kind. But it has been then but also a purchase for life, because parakeets to parrots to 50 years and macaws even until 70 years up to 20 years, and very familiar with their “masters” such as dog or cat. Essel loves everything that has feathers, because he has also further poultry: French Maran chickens, whose Fusse are streaked and so dark orange eggs set that she dyed look like by many onions. Great, not only because rarely, also Essels African mini goats fit to all fans of peanuts, as it turns out to be birds. However, his Retriever here almost as a colorless exotic looks, who accept this with stoic equanimity, but loosely. Barbara Hoppe

Knights Templar

Flag of the middle ages. The colors and clothes. Who with whom? Who who heard was at all times been an important feature in military conflicts. Was it only the hairstyle such as when the Suebi (Suebian knot). But Caesar’s armies, which since had the armor with the red color components as a sign of recognition to one? On the other hand, the SPQR which legitimized expelled the Roman legions as by people and Senate. It is not inventive.

The coat of arms was more developed out of necessity. At the times of the Crusades, the Sun proved to be the biggest enemy of the Knight. He was cooked in its own juices. So, armor (chain mail) was heated up by the Sun that you could fry like eggs on it. As protection from the Sun, the first Crusaders copied the kaftan of her opponents. I guess knowing about whose face the sun protection function.

But also the increasing use of all-round closed helmets, which no longer face Tienanmen, contributed to its spread. The meaning of the colors. Through the practical use this Cotte of the coat of arms for some time remained solid. Only internal disputes that often resulted in conflicts with each other, the colors of the banner was fought under whose leadership was carried as a differentiator. This evolved in the varied colours of today still known coat of arms course colors of the time. Medieval Surcoat or tabard. Sign on the tunic were worn first by Crusaders that served an order. This resulted in the so-called Crusaders frocks. These tunics are known as tabard. The most famous are the Crusaders with the Red Cross on a white background and the German knights with the black cross on a white background. But also the Knights Templar had a different color, the Red Cross on a black background. From the late Middle Ages, the color was always complicated. So there was the palewise frocks or but there were held the coat of arms of character of the coat of arms. What was available. The materials from which passed the frocks, were so diverse, how the materials themselves that were in the period available. Wool was the most easily accessible. Thus, the tunic of wool was also very common. Also the wool next to the property to warm and hold water, also a cooling effect in the summer heat. Combined with a linen lining, this effect was further reinforced. There was also still the pleasant smooth effect of a cloth, on the skin, to wear. But also frocks of linen and hemp were worn very much. Were made out of materials, which were easy to get. But also the more exotic materials such as silk or cotton found their way to the processing as a coat of arms. At the beginning and end. The coat of arms as a sign of dignity was worn to the outgoing middle ages. From the initial application only for the Knight, a commonly used facilities of the army was the later. Thus, also the city guard wore a coat of arms in the colors of the city in which they served. In the 17 century, the coat of arms was getting shorter and combined with the Jerkin. Importance as a distinctive mark lost the importance more and more. And uniformed aspect of the military upper hand won. At the present time, the coat of arms as a sign of recognition in the military has completely declined in importance.