Professional Profile

The curriculum is one of the most important tools for getting a job, it is our calling card, the first information received by the company about us, so we must look after their best to fulfill its goal: to capture the attention of whoever read so that we call a personal interview. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. Every resume should include three pieces of information that should never be overlooked. Are those relating to the manner of contact, completed training and professional experience, but the information we include in each of them can appear differently depending on our profile and what we want to highlight. It is not the same one a new graduate curriculum without experience than a young professional, but with experience or a person over 40 years. If your profile matches any of the advice they offer can help you prepare your resume. Graduates without experience Your training is sound and current, but just have had a chance to implement it. Is a deficiency that does not have become a problem.

Your resume should start with personal data and training, which must be short enough to indicate the race or FP cycle studied, the university or college where they studied and the specialty chosen. No need to mention the BUP or ESO, unless this helps elongate a short resume. If you spend more than planned on finishing school, starting the year can be left for the interviewer not the illusion that you're a bad student. Many times the reason is to have collated the classes with a job or additional courses, which is already explained in the interview. The experience section is to be the largest even if you have little. You should include work practices, but without the tagline of scholarship or collaborator. The important thing is to describe the period, name of company and sector or activity that is dedicated and above all the functions performed. If during the studies have been part of a junior company must indicate this and also mention the project to a career or job research and analysis of a certain size conducted in the past …. Read more about the Article

Resume Writing Dos And Donts

Doing these things Include your full name – do not use nicknames or abbreviations Use a telephone number that you can always answer – use a cell phone if possible or ensure that there is an answering machine on the phone number listed Use bullets to highlight information – it is much easier for an employer to absorb relevant information while scanning your resume Print your resume and cover letter on high quality paper – when printing your resume must use paper at least 50% of cotton content is concise and to the point – say what you need to say and nothing more Use action words and descriptive phrases – be creative in trying to get your point across using as few words as possible Meta your resume – the address of your resume to the position you are applying to show that you are really interested in working for that company Focus on facts relevant only – the list of skills, achievements and personality traits that you know the employer is looking for list of quantitative support for statements made – back up your skills and experiences with real scenarios, facts and figures Start with statements of verbs action – action verbs demonstrate your importance to the achievement or experience is described not do these things have grammatical errors – always have someone check your resume for errors and the flow has spelling errors – always check the spelling of your resume, contact name and company name misrepresent their background or experience – often employers to verify this information and can fire if it is discovered that they were dishonest Filling gaps in employment-related information – when discussing this information in person to put a positive spin on it use long paragraphs – employers known to skip paragraphs resumes Use long sentences – as paragraphs, the reader jump easily from long sentences Use personal pronouns – Keep your non-personal information for a more professional image Forget the list of basic skills – all employers want to see that you are a team player, be charge of situations and are reliable John Williamson is a Career-development – News ResultsBRIEFCASE: Boulder and Broomfield businesspeople in the news Boulder Daily Camera – 56 minutes agoScholarships and recognitions from St. Peters Suburban Journals – 1 minute agoFrom Startup Dreams to a Cubicle Life BusinessWeek via Yahoo! News – Jun 10 05:08am’>Career Development specialist and spokesperson.