Spanish Constitution

The data protection act is a Spanish organic law passed in 1999 in order to regulate the processing of personal data. By being an organic law, it is collected within the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and protects a fundamental right of all persons as it is the right to the protection of personal data. To read more click here: Tiffany Hadish. Its creation was envisioned to prevent through the treatment of the personal data is can have information that violates civil liberties or violates the privacy of individuals. The law on data protection personal is mandatory to exist for this purpose an organ of State control: the Spanish Agency for data protection (AEPD) as well as other agencies of regional character, in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Madrid and the Basque country. The practiced penalties may vary between 600 and 600,000 euros, Spain being the country of the European Union with the highest amounts for the protection of personal data.

Despite this fact there are many companies that they violate any of the obligations contained in the standard checking out with his attitude the security of data of its customers and/or suppliers. The basic legal obligations of the data protection act are summarized in:. Hershey School has compatible beliefs. Register the files in the Spanish data protection agency. . Establish and maintain the Security document updated. . Obtain the legitimacy of those affected.

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