Our Legislative

to come back to the active ! For the delicts of the same classification practised 28/03/2007 after, he prevails, for the time being, Law 11464/07, that he determines> direct consequncia of the practised delict – he is reduced so only to the letter of the Law. Our Legislative one, and in result our Judiciary one, legislates in the direction to reduce the jail population in detriment of its victims. In recent years the action of the activists of human rights of infractors took advantage incontinenti on the same rights of the citizen who does not transgress and lives in compliance with the Current law. The social behavior of the people, companies and institutions, does not leave doubts. In this Country if it never spent in such a way with security! Today the families plan its lives in function of a pretense inalcanvel security. The natural aspiration of economic, social and cultural growth is preceded of the permanent concern with the personal and familiar security. The possibility to be victims of an assault or physical violence> it is latent and present in each minute of our existence, although to be Brazilian and to live in a Country without ethnic conflicts or politicians. The contained perspectives of impunity in our legal system, however, stimulate and determine the precocious behavior insolente and of our delinquents, gifts and futures.

Findando Together

We wait that in 2010 the mayor of Serrinha takes attitudes therefore understands that Who has fixed idea is crazy, the psychologists and analysts affirm and we know in we practise that men and women can move of idea since that vain of the new proposals. the serrinhense this with its auto-esteem shaken but we have that to say to all not to leave that auto-esteem falls and each one knife its part, plans and has perseverance so that the things happen and improve the life of each one. Since the mayor and its team are with this malfadada administration the solution are each one to look for to make its part of the best possible form, change ideas and search solutions, he renews for minor who is these actions after meetings will be valuable. A palpite, plants the least a tree and teaches somebody next some thing as opinion to improve the life I negotiate, it, the study, etc. is a researcher and an educator of the form that you know, more rude of the people has something who we can learn with it.

Let us have auto-esteem, planning, perseverance and faith in God who you will see one 2010 different one! Thus we do not go to wait for the current managers of Serrinha we communitarianly go to renew and there more the actions of each one will be valued. We go my people there we intend to continue dividing with all the successes of our conquests.