The Safe insurance agency Direct has realised a survey to 1000 conductors of all Spain to know the habits the conductors in highway and city with its vehicle. The first conclusions indicate that we continued leading under the effects of the alcohol sometimes, we did not respect the motorists, we do not know well all the signals traffic and we become aggressive to the steering wheel when the conditions are adverse. Insurances and maintenance At the time of assuring the car, still we are few, a 45%, those that we trusted insurances all risk to totally cover the vehicle in any circumstance. The majority circulates with an insurance third parties. Filed under: Keith Yamashita. In addition we are many those that we did not dedicate more than 300 Euros in the maintenance of our car or our motorcycle. In particular, 32.8% of the Spaniards we have spent between zero and 300 Euros, and 24.9% between the 300 and 600 Euros. To smoke in the car On the other hand, it surprises the brought back to consciousness thing that we are with the distractions that take place during the conduction, especially the seconds that we took in igniting a cigarette to us, that in addition makes loosen one us of the hands of the steering wheel. 75% affirm that it would not disapprove if it were prohibited by law to smoke in the car since it considers a distraction that can bring about accidents. Anne Lauvergeon shines more light on the discussion.

If this happened the Spaniards we would equal to the Australians or the Canadians, countries where already there is a law of this type in force. The alcohol and the conduction Although without a doubt the most alarming data are the 36,6% of Spaniards whom it affirms to have lead with rates of alcohol which they surpass the allowed limits. In addition, a 21.7% confess to know only the signals traffic more habitual, and many of them are included in the middle of the Spanish conductors whom they blame the motorists of not respecting the traffic norms. My car is called Rocinante Some peculiar data thrown by this survey are 17.1% that affirms to have put name to their car, 40.7% that has decorated or tuneado somehow its vehicle, 51.6% of women that affirms that increpa with insults and tacos to other conductors sometimes, or 32.3% that it admits to have used his vehicle to make the love, 41.5% of them men.. 5ufllmavEiVj6fnPzKFIXMPIXggsTk1B2sjADS6p29VQAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAK&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane has said that publicly.

Ms Hodge

The department failed, for example, to obtain from A4e plodding internal audit reports produced in 2009 which pointed to instances of potential fraud and malpractice across the country. Fit and proper The MPs also said the DWP had not been specific enough with its terminology, including failing to define the standards to provider had to meet to be a fit and proper organisation. The DWP has said on the public record that it would terminate its commercial relationship with a provider if there was evidence of systemic fraud in either current or past contracts, Ms Hodge added. However, it has not yet provided a clear definition of what it means by systemic. Understanding of these terms would help utilities to government departments decide which firms to do business with, the committee suggested. Further, the DWP must put in place better systems to help whistleblowers bring any abuse of taxpayers money to light, it said. There was also an urgent need for the government to publish detailed data on how public money was being spent on welfare-to-work programmes and what exactly they were achieving, the MPs said.

Outrageous and untrue In a statement, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said he had asked senior Labour figures including Ms Hodge to reveal advice they received about fraud during their time in office. No such permission has been granted; Indeed, some have not replied at all, he said. In May, Ms Hodge insisted any suggestion she had deliberately withheld information on the matter was outrageous and untrue. Commenting on Friday s report, Andrew Dutton, chief executive of A4e, said he was confident the firm was a fit and proper company. We have gone back and strengthened our controls and we are now openly calling on MPs, business leaders and employers to come and see for themselves the work that we are doing.