Keep us updated through the habit of continuous learning, will we make our work more efficiently through new criteria and procedures, thus giving us the knowledge base in order to defend our ideas and approaches as required. Take the benefits of social media for self promote “relationships matter” says Linkedin and I believe him. We must maximize the benefits of social networks, they are perfect tool for massive self-promotion of our professional services, and training of new business contacts. Remove a Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn, is only the first step in getting to know many people would otherwise have been impossible, then comes our ability to learn to channel all these contacts and know how to sell our image and services as accurate, security planning and professionalism and not despair. Learn more on the subject from Governor Cuomo. Here is important to count on our own website where you can refer to all those new contacts and, thus exposing more of our portfolio. Offer your services in the real world remember that now begins a new adventure to build our own portfolio of clients and as a freelance website must not limit yourself to develop your career in the online world, it is imperative that you leave the real world and develop a habit of constant Self Promotion with your close friends, professional colleagues, families, companies with which they worked, corporate-related items. We ourselves must be the tool promotion more effective, we must not miss the opportunity to tell what we do, our experience, projects that have worked, it is possible that many potential new businesses sprout by the dynamics of references to “word of mouth.” Find your niche market that does not mean that you limit your range of services, rather it is to find a target market or underserved poor, which could represent an excellent entry opportunities and run your gun at him. .