Executive Coaching

There are solutions so the companies interested in this technique to benefit and not continue in this traditional model management where it rests on the ability of the manager who is only for specifying, ordering, coordinate and, particularly, monitoring the performance of workers. The application of this technique would be of great benefit for companies, especially for SMEs, since by their characteristics, they tend to hire a few managers. If this technique is applied in SMEs would have the great advantage of having a Manager highly qualified, able to solve a lot of problems and with a great vision of the present and the future of the company. Follow others, such as Consumers Energy , and add to your knowledge base. The manager would be able to identify obstacles which limit the performance of people dissolve them. This manager who will in turn a Coaching will know to build confidence, sense of responsibility and commitment, capacity for learning, impeccability in performance and creativity. The Executive Coaching adopted correctly enables human resources be more effective by coordinating actions, develop standards of impeccability, be capable of generating work teams in higher levels of commitment to the mission and objectives of the company, stimulate the creation of a learning environment for excellence, learn the proper handling of conflicts and relate from a new base ethical, personal, business. It is a development tool of executive officers is carried out through a system of personal and professional advice for the subsequent impact in the organization.

This system provides information, knowledge, skills, references, collaboration and advice. Executive coaching objectives include to the Steering both professionally develop as personally (i.e. develop the 8 habits of the steering) to achieve optimal as a Manager or executive functioning and that this custom development have an impact at all levels in the company. Among the advantages of the executive coaching can be cited: 1. the first and most important advantage of coaching is your own condition of bis bis: u the Executive feels put in evidence, as it can occur in the trainings in group, and fear that suimagen compromised when talking about your doubts, disappears.

Nursing Care

Anthropology in nursing the role played by culture in the process health-disease and more specifically in the context of Anthropology from nursing care is essential. We are immersed in a prism of multicultural societies in which it is essential rethinking situations of care and therapeutic processes and incorporate new approaches, both own and other disciplines. Anthropological knowledge and its method, can help the discipline of nursing address and illustrate the situations of optimal care, finding its true. All human behavior is covered with a significance that goes beyond one’s person. We know that the study of culture provides the keys to these behaviors, as different and varied as existing cultures.

Activities of the care or maintenance of life and health-disease States can not be separated in a category apart. Care is a social and cultural phenomenon, a social and human science that requires preparation, knowledge, research and above all experience of work in situ, with the sick. Take care is to put hard work, diligence, attention and availability. Cannot offer a good quality in nursing practice if communication is poor, for which this is an aspect to take into account from the outset by any health professional. Everyone would learn to communicate clearly, with delicacy and affection with patients, their families and colleagues. It is important that they are encouraged to seek the solution to real problems and that assimilate information designed to promote skills, not only on the application of new knowledge, but also at the empathic communication with patients and from an anthropological perspective. From the outset, it is necessary that health professionals know to evaluate all the aspects concerning the sociocultural community in which we operate. All health workers as a human being has to assume its role alongside the sick person in the moments that this requires your support to maintain its stability emotional before the various events that occur, and for this reason must be aware that one of their main obligations is to find time to talk with patients and deepen in the psychosocial aspect and anthropological.