Get Out Of The Expected Love To Self Love

the love to yourself which is the basis for health, harmony, and dealing with other people we can from others only expect what we are willing to give ourselves. The love to yourself, self love, is the basis for a fulfilling, harmonious, and healthy life. No matter how we also fear, guilt, happiness, satisfaction, religion, perfection, truth, fulfilment, harmony, here and now, call it, ultimately, in the core, we are looking for love. “Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, managing partner of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, have an action titled I love myself” launched.

The background this action they say so: we can expect only from others, what we are willing to give ourselves. The love to yourself, self love, is the basis for a fulfilling, harmonious, and healthy life. No matter how we also fear, guilt, happiness, satisfaction, religion, perfection, truth, fulfilment, harmony, here call it, and Now, finally, in the core, we are looking for love. From the experiences in their work they know however, that love to us himself and others, is built mostly in the dominance of the love of of expectation of. In the love of expectation of relationships with others on false expectations, dreams and desires are, and not on the unerring analysis of what each of us is, and being agree with where everyone comes and does what everyone on characteristics and unique. Rita M.

Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer appeal: it’s never too late by “I love myself”, to get out of the cage of “love of of expectation of”. You say: unconditional self love is the source of inner peace. We are not able to love ourselves, we are addicts, constantly looking for recognition and love from the outside. In their action, causing that: an awareness of the own dealing with itself and the world is a natural confidence in all situations be lived can our own strengths conscious and be lived can we ourselves meet authenticity, resulting in clarity fears and worries are removed dependencies dissolve a daily well-being and satisfaction spreads out his own life and not that of others lived self-worth out and not by other defined wishes and dreams deliberately and spontaneously can be accustomed which love to be self sustainable relationships result in dependencies dissolve and a free coexistence is possible people with courage and confidence no power play Manipulationzur make their lives defending own interests are necessary masks fall, stop the everyday role playing, visible we will turn us identity to the core of one’s being resolved their own sabotage programs are real, personal development take place can strike a balance between giving companies there is a different, positive life feeling a positive life force and health, resulting in positive thoughts attracted quality of life will be free access prevails to the inner and outer feelings, feelings afterwards and lived can be feelings are detected, as they may have prospects open up important, pending decisions be self-doubt dissolve and space occupies confidence internal complications, uncertainties resolve themselves we free the awareness of reality stop foreign expectations pressure and forced out himself or through others and truth relaxing effect unconscious can be aware changing space for a ripening process the past behind can and the present significance has can heal old wounds. All this is done for the good of the whole. Herbert Rohrer

Success in Life

A meeting with your readers – always a holiday. High dreams mature reflections of children, their sincerity and sympathy, a willingness to share the secret – it all inspires me to further creativity. Get more background information with materials from Western Union. Over the past three years occurred more than 30 such meetings with students second – fifth grade, and one – even with shestiletkami. Each time, peering into his eyes wide open guys, I froze in anticipation of discovery. Important for me is not about his work telling, and hear the views of children, cause they want to think, share the best dreams. That's why guys like to ask questions – questions about the most important. That's what conversation took place with the second graders. See Uranium One for more details and insights.

– What you are the most important thing in life? Instantly rose forest of hands. The answers were unambiguous: – My dad and mom. – Life and health of my and my family. – Friends. Only in one class girl from the first batch (apparently an excellent pupil) after "Unoriginal" replies classmates said: – Knowledge. – Why do you need the knowledge? – I asked.

– To study well. – And why do we need to study well? – To go to work. – Why work? – I continued to pry. The class has been a marked revival, even the teachers with the last lot come off the check-books and stared at the meticulous writer. – To earn money, – said the girl helplessly, waiting new question, which immediately and sounded: – Why money is needed? Then a girl for some reason sat on the seat, deciding to abort such a way that endless dialogue. On the other hand shot up a whole forest of shaking hands with anticipation: – The money is needed to eat and drink! – It turns out that the most important thing in life – is to eat and drink? The guys fell silent in disbelief, feeling that there's something wrong. – Okay! Imagine that you were on a desert island – I suggested – such as in a fairy tale "Red Flower". There is a magnificent palace, tablecloth that feeds you tasty dishes – A car can be? – Of course, at least three! There is all the entertainment and attractions! Lovely garden, the animals! The children were silent, not knowing what else to ask. – There is everything that your heart desires. True, you're out there all alone. – I would have wished a wand! – In the midst of general silence a voice rang out. – Why do you need a magic wand, because you and so everything? – I would set up a ship and sailed it to your friends! Of course, why all this splendor, if not the principal? (To be continued)

Toys For Children

Now choose toys your child is very complicated and difficult. The variety of toy products and the Sea "waiting" children and their parents on the shelves. Most often children's toys to choose and buy spontaneously, due to the current circumstances or appearance. Developmental potential of the same toys, its 'usefulness' is often ignored. But in vain. Choosing one or another toy, you just imagine that your child will do with it. It is clear that children with toys play. But what this game can be given for development of the kid? And if the choice is between just a beautiful toy, the fear Prefer still last.

Smart choice toys – a clever child! It is important to take into account the age of the crumbs with buying another toy. Only if the toy "just right" crumbs over the years, he will get pleasure from the game and appreciate the true gift. Thus, the main criteria for toys: 1. Simplicity and understandability. It is not always better when Each toy is connected to the mass of different properties and functions. Increasingly universal in this issue only confuses the kid confused, and he lost: what should I do? Useful it will acquire different toys, each of which has its clear purpose. 2.Stimuly for development.

Toy necessarily happy baby, be it in fun, meet their needs. It is this toy will stimulate children's meaningful curiosity and foster, prompting crumb disassemble and assemble, rearrange the different parts and roll, feel, and extract new sounds. Also, toys should be as open to change and transformations. These versatile and popular at all times toys as balls, cubes, pads, dolls, due to its simplicity, extremely plastic, allow infinite complexity, thousands of new combinations and can not bore a child. 3. Inducement to self-sufficiency. Better if the kid can play on their own, without all the time to help mom or dad. The toy can be considered as a special subject, allowing crumbs to feel confidence in their abilities. It should be a support for the independent actions of the child, should help to enhance their own competence and independence. Game object is selected correctly if it contains a clear child guidance for its independent activity. 4. Appeal. Toys should be possible to cause pleasant emotions, good feelings. Beautiful toy everything else form the artistic taste of kids. Protect children from provoking evil and aggression toys.