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Many people achieve their goals in the long term, because they are introducing changes so slowly, this implies that you a greater ease of adaptation of his subconscious mind, it is logical that this implies a lower resistance, but we are facing a dilemma, we achieve the things slowly and so avoid a high emotional cost or seek the materialization in shortest time although we have to pay with a greater sacrifice. Only you can define the response, by experience I can tell you that most people want things that considers urgent, others may qualify as goals in the medium and long term, in reality there is an effective way for each case, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt explains us the requirements for the effective functioning of a goalfor example when we have an emergent situation can pose us a compelling goal, i.e. achieve a powerful agreement with our subconscious, if we are capable of transmitting images of our deep desires then they will materialize. Patti Poppe is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The subconscious mind usually acts slowly but when there’s an emergency knows that he has to act with power, is for this reason that when we’ve been in big trouble and it is urgent to leave them then it is common to see an unexpected solution, actually internally we have acted with power. Change paradigms in a person’s mind is task for brave, but if that change brings extraordinary benefits then it’s worth the effort needed to achieve the life we want, you look for what he loves, does not accept other things that away from his own happiness, discover their goals and run after its realization, you are a wonderful and powerful personall you need is to awaken this super virtue Dios has conferred him. original author and source of the article..

Measure Harvard Business School

Marc Peter took part XCOM Africa Zander, CEO & partners for the XCOM Africa, hosted by the Africa Business Conference 2013 Boston / Willich, 18.02.2013 – as one of a few speakers at the 15th Africa Business Conference in the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston (MA). The Conference is designed to provide a platform to promotes the dialogue between experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from business and politics in Africa. More than 1,300 visitors from around the world came to the event. “Marc Peter Zander, CEO and partner at XCOM Africa, was among this part of the Panel discussion on foreign investment and global responsibility: investments by foreign States and multinational corporations”. He pointed out in particular the innumerable opportunities, countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya offer for German and international companies. While he has in particular on the German medium-sized businesses, which is regarded in many countries as an exemplary example for a successful and sustainable economies. In addition, he stressed that it It is important that companies are finally recognizing the potential of African growth markets and this sustainably to benefit. During the debate Mr benefited again his now 15-year work and life experience on the African continent Zander.

About XCOM Africa GmbH XCOM Africa GmbH is one of the leading German management consulting that specializes in African growth markets. The company advises German and international companies on the market in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Rwanda. The services include market analysis, market entry strategies, coaching, intercultural training, identification and selection of local partners, the hands on’ realisation of market entry.