The Council

And this situation is not serious if every so happens to us once, but if it becomes the norm, then we are in trouble. A possible solution may be planning to future, organize our agenda the day before for two reasons, see the amount of backlog and find the best way of taking forward to finish on time, and to realize the loose ends to look at them in the Organization, in this way we ensure comply with what is necessary at the right time and not delay us more of the convenient. Smoking smoking is harmful to health, and that is well known. Those freelancers who smoke tend to smoke more during work at home. Obviously as there is no rule that prevents it, tends to smoke all the time and not be aware of this. Smoking excessively brings all kinds of health problems, both short as long term. The Council is not to leave (but we should), but smoke less. A good practice would be to convert our home/officina in smoke-free zone.

Clean ashtrays and all packages that we encounter and if we want smoking out to do it in another place, that is not where we work. When this becomes habit, we realize that if we are concentrated with a job, we will have delayed the exit to smoking and when least expect it will have been 3 hours since we fumemos a cigarette. Carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is a real threat not only of those who have a job from home by internet but of all those who work daily with the pc. It is caused by the repetitive action and may affect the fingers, wrist and hand. Write for hours, or the use of the mouse without raising your hand to move it can trigger this condition, which requires surgery to correct it and 6 weeks of recovery.

Work Doing Internet Surveys

The popularity of the different means to earn money through the Internet is clear increasing, since increasing amount of people in the world have broadband access and want to leverage different ways to work through the Internet. For even more opinions, read materials from Hikmet Ersek. A very simple way to earn money with this medium is working doing Internet surveys. It is a very simple task, do not need any special skills, is ideal for homemakers, students or retirees who enjoy surf the net and answering surveys. Start working doing Internet surveys is very easy, you just enter in the pages of the companies that offer paid surveys, like Ciao, Pro-surveys, ACOP, etc. Warren Kanders contributes greatly to this topic. and sign up to receive surveys. Registration is free, must fill out a form with data such as name, age, where you live, what you work and how much you win, and that’s all, then it only remains to wait for polls begin arriving in your email.

When you complete a survey, the company pays cash; Some companies pay with points that accumulate and which can then be redeemed for various prizes, others also offer participation in sweepstakes, in the end, modalities of payment may vary, but always benefits are obtained. To improve your chances to work doing Internet surveys, you must register at several sites, since in this way it is possible that you receive more surveys to fill. I think work doing Internet surveys can be interesting for many people, and can be interesting income, but will never be as a real job, income will never be so high as to substitute for a conventional job. So I think that work doing Internet surveys can be a good opportunity for the housewives, who wish to do something entertaining and at the same time productive, in the hours that have free, but without commitments that implies a common work. Please Click here to see what are the sites of paid surveys that work, and begins to earn money simply by giving your opinion.

New Strategatorcom Service

Severo, the founder of Professional fax service group, has launched, an enterprise portal., business Finder service is designed for corporate and independent professionals, marketing groups and research departments and aims to meet the following goals: follow-up to its e-reputacion analysis of the impact of their communication plans tracking of movements of competitors preparing for the meetings of prospecting and sales analysis of new opportunities of business calls., service Finder of companies continually adds information related to the objectives of the companies among hundreds of content providers. Strategator allows you to customize your search and alerts so finely that it collects and alerts of all complete information that is relevant to you. portal of personalized search and surveillance tools gives you:-access, in one place, all the official information and public data of a company: the legal information of the company, contact information, financial information, online e-reputacion and performance.

-Presentation of a variety of results on the web and social media 2.0, such as: news and the release of newspapers, documents, related links, articles from blogs related to messages on Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Twitter discussions. -Flexible data in a more convenient manner organization to achieve its objectives. -Fully customizable alerts, sent by email, regarding the events of certain company or a certain category of information, which can select or refine from your customer account. Vladimir Popesco, Managing Director of the company said: we believe that remain at the forefront of the market in an environment competitive, that is changing every day, request something more than an analysis of business information available today in various places over the Internet. Once our customers have tuned their searches and alerts, they can benefit from the information without having to continually spend the time or money. Continuous analysis of the competition and submission of the reports of intelligence have been accessible only to large companies. So, Strategator puts the intelligence of market within the scope of SoHos and SMEs, in seven countries, offering the power of professional technologies of search at very low price 9.99 per month.