Audit Procedure

it Audit – a concept relatively new to Ukraine, and therefore interpret it differently. In the world's leading countries under the mean annual audit process, confirming that the company's stated business indicators and regulatory standards. By analogy, many leaders of the Ukrainian firms understanding of it audit identified a financial audit in the it field and to a lesser extent with the it consulting. Daniel Friedan addresses the importance of the matter here. At the same time, it audit (or analytical examination) is often used for such purposes as the first step in "restoring order" in the field of IT: to develop an it strategy, cost management services and ownership of information systems, conducting risk analysis, when you create a configuration database of it resources and development of control procedures change. In the trade press often result in the following definition of the it Audit: Audit Procedure (Surveys) of information technology in the company involves the collection, analysis and granting the company's management about the current state of the it sector, the risks associated with the "problem areas" of information subsystems, and issuing recommendations to reduce these risks and improve the quality of functioning subsystems. The objectives of the it audit can act: Analysis of use of it solutions for compliance business processes, organization of information system that meets business objectives; evaluation of information systems from the functional completeness and compliance with international standards, assessment systems non-functional criteria; analysis of the processes of creating and implementing information systems, processes, maintenance and technical support; estimate the cost of ownership and return on it investment; analysis of problems in information system and proposed solutions.

IT Outsourcing

Companies are choosing it outsourcing in those cases where they need to reduce their own non-core in terms of core business it staff. Organization can also move a desire to reduce the number of agreements with different contractors, for example, the supply of equipment (with each supplier their contract), the organization of telephony, Internet, etc. In the case when an enterprise chooses a comprehensive it outsourcing, a large number of contracts hesitated on the relationship with a single contractor. In addition, qualified specialists in the regions is clearly not enough, the labor market "overheated", so it is quite difficult and expensive to build its own it team. It is important to understand the difference between a company professionally engaged in it outsourcing, which has a staff of experts and ensures it support coming from the system administrator. In the latter case, the quality and efficiency of it solutions problems are not guaranteed.

Most of the customers are interested in it outsourcing is because the term they "are often heard and they want to try. Typically, it outsourcing, or give the most routine and standard it services (for example, service user workstations and peripherals – printers, copiers, etc.), or, conversely, very sophisticated services such as support and maintenance of ERP-landscape, providing backup center. In the first case receipt of external services is possible to make very detailed contract with the measured quality parameters. In the case of complex services, they require a fairly expensive and skilled personnel, so the use of this kind of outsourcing is based primarily on the professional structure of the organization dealing with it outsourcing.