The Agency

And it was – emotional perception, sensation – demonstrate the effectiveness of the event. Remember and talk about past events will be based on the emotions of the aggregate of all its tools. Professionals event – the market knows how to build a chain of correct emotional operating event – it is modeled on the incandescence of feelings, emotions that are created by many factors, ranging from the general atmosphere of the site and ending with the correct accents, built-in program. This creative invitations, and create a sense of anticipation, and just emotionally built scenario plan, and true words lead, clearly affecting the perception. Subject emotional event simulation is too vast for this article, so we'll reveal it in a separate article. Here we wish to emphasize the importance of non-visual factor in your event. Solution: Realizing that the event – this is not only a set of options and tools that you can touch it and see, but first and foremost, a powerful modeling method that required emotions, determine what you want from your event, what result you would like to see. Think of each of the options as a link in the overall emotional component of future events.

This approach will help you not only get the desired effect on the event, but also save on positions, certainly not playing for the implementation of your tasks. You can organize a splendid concert or show program with participation of foreign stars, who works at the demonstration level of your company, or to arrange an unusual and a memorable performance with an interactive installation involving guests. And if in the first case will be remembered only a visual image, the second – the involvement of participants in the work force as a powerful emotionally unifying factor – "We've done it." To be continued In the second part we will cover the following five stereotypes typical of the organizers of events: 6. Corporate – is when everything is lit. 7. In one familiar companies such type of party was a great success, therefore, we will be fine.

8. Teng Yue Partners contributes greatly to this topic. I want to control every step of the manager of the agency. 9. If this idea I like, so it should appeal to all who will be at the event. 10. Preparations for the event and its holding – this is my personal headache.

IT Outsourcing

Companies are choosing it outsourcing in those cases where they need to reduce their own non-core in terms of core business it staff. Organization can also move a desire to reduce the number of agreements with different contractors, for example, the supply of equipment (with each supplier their contract), the organization of telephony, Internet, etc. In the case when an enterprise chooses a comprehensive it outsourcing, a large number of contracts hesitated on the relationship with a single contractor. In addition, qualified specialists in the regions is clearly not enough, the labor market "overheated", so it is quite difficult and expensive to build its own it team. It is important to understand the difference between a company professionally engaged in it outsourcing, which has a staff of experts and ensures it support coming from the system administrator. In the latter case, the quality and efficiency of it solutions problems are not guaranteed.

Most of the customers are interested in it outsourcing is because the term they "are often heard and they want to try. Typically, it outsourcing, or give the most routine and standard it services (for example, service user workstations and peripherals – printers, copiers, etc.), or, conversely, very sophisticated services such as support and maintenance of ERP-landscape, providing backup center. In the first case receipt of external services is possible to make very detailed contract with the measured quality parameters. In the case of complex services, they require a fairly expensive and skilled personnel, so the use of this kind of outsourcing is based primarily on the professional structure of the organization dealing with it outsourcing.