Claudia Jung – Secret Signs

The new album by Claudia Jung – secret characters Hitverdachtig: “Secret sign” by Claudia Jung finally has come: on October 23, 2009, the new album by Claudia Jung, with 13 brand new songs on the market comes. In “Secret sign” the mysterious power of love revolves around passion and Affairs, endless longing and signals that tell more than thousand words. Sensitively tells Claudia Jung, who rightly referred to as the Queen of the big ballads, picked, carefully observed and fitted with the melancholy note, which the singer 25 years features stories about the most beautiful thing in the world directly from life. “The Grande Dame of German Schlager succeeds with her expressive voice again once great, to use all musical facets of atmospheric rhythms up to profound ballads, well and happy as great cinema” referred to can and not only in the ear, but to the heart! My heart never lets you above all”. For more information see Andrew Cuomo. This first single the new CD describes the loss of big love sensitively and revealed in the complete spectrum of their vocal skills. When I sing ballads, then relive and I durchleide the stories as if they were my own”, Claudia Jung admits. I’m totally the woman who engages on the secrets of love or breaks almost longing for love”. Hear other arguments on the topic with technology at millennium.

“You can feel exactly this passion and dedication in every sound in the beautiful love song I lost my heart”. This is certainly the reason why she reached the people again and again with their songs. But disco are also in secret signs”fully at their own expense. The title I damn you love still”excited as fleet dance number in the familiar style of artist. “Also a guaranteed chart topper: Gottergatte ‘ with a chorus which simply no longer walks out of your head and with security talks all female fans from the soul. “A more than successful sequel to the successful single thousand women” from their last Album! Claudia Jung is one of the most successful Schlager singers of our time which has gone their way steadily and consistently.

After all, she celebrates its 25th anniversary next year. More than 20 albums she has now published almost all reached gold or platinum status. In addition she received five times the Golden tuning fork and twice the German music award echo”. Also the renowned Fred-Jay price”for their expressive texts documenting their success. But also as a politician is the charismatic singer with full usage: after her political involvement at the district level she moved 2007 with the free voters in the Landtag of Bavaria. Claudia Jung has a 12 year old daughter and is married to music producer Hans Singer again produced the current album with much empathy and attention to detail. Source: Koch Universal Music for more information see: 25 years CLAUDIA JUNG anniversary tour 2010 – live with band 06.3.2010 SA 80637 Munich Castle 07.3.2010 so 96047 Bamberg Concert Hall 11.3.2010 do 76137 Karlsruhe Konzerthaus 12.3.2010 FR 33129 Delbruck Town Hall 13.3.2010 SA 99084 Erfurt Alte Oper 14.3.2010 so 09111 Chemnitz City Hall 18.3.2010 do 59071 Hamm Maximilian Park 19.3.2010 FR 47051 Duisburg Theatre at the Marie Gate 20.3.2010 SA 66111 Saarbrucken, Congresshalle 21.3.2010 so CH-8002 Zurich Kongresshaus 25.3.2010 do 21682 Stade Stadeum 26.3.2010 FR 27576 Bremerhaven Stadthalle 27.3.2010 SA 38102 Braunschweig, Stadthalle 28.3.2010 so 07545 Gera KUK more info on

Michael Engel Sings Angels Cry Not…

Now he wants to know it! As a singer, Michael Engel wants to score now! and he must know it as the Angel Michael. Actually, Michael Engel is more known as a harmonica player, guitarist and songwriter. But now his first vocal single when the label Monahans Phon is published. The song “Angel don’t cry” available? to the dreams. The H? rer his mind can wander and let it rest. Michael Engel m? nights with the song making also courage.

Angels are no Crybabies. Jeff Gennette often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Angels are st? stronger than us, and on our side. Many people believe in the existence of angels. In the gift shops, countless guardian angel be symbolically sold just before Christmas. Something special with this ballad the team succeeded to Chris Fabian, Ralph Irene Castle (several Gold Awards) and Michael Engel. Now remains only remains to be seen how the German radio landscape responds to this song offer. Michael Engel is more no stranger in the Schlager scene. U.a wrote songs for Wolfgang Petry, Michael Holm, Jurgen Drews and Bernhard Brink Angel.

Max Bryan

What followed is as incredible as is unique. Max Bryan, who had never actually to do something with science, writes thousands of pages to the metaphysics, a branch of philosophy. It’s being and non-being and the global order of being. Observers speak of the lonely Hermit, who breeds somewhere behind closed doors before and this year hopes to bring the prisoners to end. But before it could start, Bryan lost his apartment, 6 months it’s been now. Now, the former hermit lives almost as lonely in the port of Hamburg, alone at the pier, where he tries to escape being a beggar. In October TNN had reported on this case, then on the occasion of the events to Klitschko and the homeless”(Bild Zeitung, October 13).

Media had reported nationwide about the encounter…. Now, the story was recorded and it is complex. The one who wanted to sing but could not because the others had to write speaks of a split personality, a type of multiple person,”Bryan, Bryan reported in his diary that extracts is now online…. He had real nightmares. 15 years he dreamed of a piano, very dusty, like it says in the corner of an old factory building.

The keys were always somehow broken or broken out. They were either destroyed or arranged incorrectly, so I could never play a whole chord”, explains Bryan his involuntary Odyssey 15 years he will have lost it. And further: my body was blocked by this person who writes there, day after day and year after year. There was no place for the development of another person, which would have gladly made music”. Today, Bryan lives in the street and is caught in the situation”, the will is not free”, he says. Desert speculation remains whether Bryan actually returns to the contest, with what exactly he there occurs and why the creators of the show so far held him back.

Michael Jackson

THE first SINGLE from the ALBUM “MICHAEL” with the title “HOLD MY HAND” is the title of the first official single from on the published December 10 Michael Jackson-album “Michael”: it is the song “hold my hand”, which arose in a Duet with US superstar akon and was recorded originally in 2007. It is a desire of the artist, who died on June 25, 2009 complied with, had given in a handwritten note, that “hold my hand” should be the first single on his next project. An unfinished version of the tracks to the public or to the Internet had reached already 2008 – was now “hold my hand” newly produced by akon and completed. “The world was not yet ready,” hold my hand “to hear, as a few years ago leakte the song” Akon explained. “We were devastated. But now, the time is definitely right; the song exists in its final version, it has become an incredibly beautiful, hymn-like song. I’m one he was so proud that I had the opportunity to work with Michael, My biggest idols at all.” ATTENTION: As of Monday, November 15, 2010, is “hold my hand” worldwide – also in Germany – to hear on the radio.

A publication via download shops will take place soon. On 10 December, Sony released music in collaboration with the “estate of Michael Jackson,” the eagerly awaited new album “Michael”. The LP contains ten pieces, was produced by a high-profile team of producers in addition to Michael Jackson. For the most part can be found on “Michael” Songs that Jackson had worked in the time shortly before his death, there are however also some previous, impressive pieces.

IRIA, shows with her fourth album, “safe” what healing music can have. Because she believes firmly. Munster, October 29th 2010. The company of oomoxx media, service providers in the field of producing digital media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB sticks), recently announced, you’ll assume distribution for the latest CD “Salvaged” by singer and songwriter IRIA Saeed. The album is the fourth record in the distribution of oomoxx media. The love of music was placed almost in the cradle IRIA. Already her mother was very musical.

They play recorder, later, bassoon, guitar finally learned from childhood on. And of course, write the songs. “During the roller coaster ride of puberty”, IRIA writes on her website, “flew the bassoon in the corner and I was against everything and everyone.” Including himself. A crisis accompanied the next, the unspeakable ran up. But the love for the music and the songs writing helped her to find herself again. “To write songs became my means of expression.” And to a Survival strategy. She studied psychology in Trier, then worked after graduating first in the profession. But it was actually the music to which she felt drawn towards.

And so IRIA became independent in 2004. She writes all her songs, sings and picks them up. In addition, she are sing seminars and directs her own music circle. In their IRIA sings songs about life, so how it met her: “About love, in all its various forms of expression, about my own spiritual journey about what touches me and employs.” Their songs will touch the people and give them courage. IRIA believes in the healing power of music. Music can express unspeakable, she combines and builds bridges: “A song can a railing be a path, a bridge, a heart step, a prayer”. IRIA’s music is always colorful and versatile, “time rousing rhythmically, even romantic dreamy or contemplative, meditative times to listen and to sing along.” The songs are personal life themes of love and passion, of spirituality, of courage and restlessness and coming home. “Become a driven I,” writes IRIA, “again and again by my longing for a world that is characterized by love and mindfulness, and knowing that we all are part of a larger whole and in mutual responsibility.” “Salvaged” by IRIA Saeed is now available in the media shop on, through the distributors of oomoxx media, as well as the phonogram available on market. oomoxx media produced since 2004 in the sales order CDs, DVDs and, since 2009, Blu-rays and USB flash drives. Oomoxx media handles productions in every size and design in cooperation with a broad network of certified suppliers. Main of activity is the CD and DVD production with packaging and printed materials of all kinds. About reproduction, oomoxx media offers a wide range of additional services: by the Premastering and authoring, deploying various code and the clarification of rights and royalty processing through the creation of artwork up to the sales of the CD production and DVD offers production oomoxx media all services competent and committed a hand.

Forever Freddy Breck

“” “” “Freddy Breck – the musical legacy of a legend the musical legacy of a legend – over 40 years of stage in a documentary from partially ungezeigtem TV and fan material, memories of colleagues and companions including the top hits red roses, Bianca”, anywhere in the world “and an unreleased song comedian” (2008) as is this DVD with over an hour Doku Forever Freddy Breck homage to Freddy Breck as a gift to his fans to this day as the musical legacy of a legend “is a lovingly compiled by Astrid Breck impressive collage of some ungezeigtem material. Quickly becomes clear: more characterized the man as only the legendary red roses. He was born as Gerhard Breker in Sonneberg, moved at a young age to Hagen, then studied mechanical engineering. It was Heinz Gietz, who recognized the talent of the young singer and gave him the first studio recordings. Breck could only his first 5 gold awards from abroad Recorded precious metal award in Germany. Timeless hits such as anywhere in the world, red roses, or even Bianca laid the Foundation for an unprecedented world career. The English Red Rose version believe in tomorrow could hold the top spot on the South African charts, for example, for 25 weeks. Freddy henceforth sang on the stages of the world by Japan on Brazil until after New Zealand and celebrated as a musical Ambassador in Germany everywhere great success.

Even in Britain, his title so in Love with You in the hit list as say Freddy Breck’s tribute could as well as a gift to his fans today is the present DVD with over one-hour Doku forever Freddy Breck the musical legacy of a legend”one lovingly by Astrid Breck compiled impressive documentation of some ungezeigtem material. Quickly becomes clear: more characterized the man as only the legendary red roses. The documentary traces the long road to success like the life on stage until the end and is enriched by memories of many companions and colleagues. In the statements by Jurgen Marcus, Michael Holm, Margot Hellwig and also by Media Manager Hans R.Beierlein comes respect and recognition for 40 years devoted stage work to the expression. As a special treat in addition to the many snippets of domestic and foreign TV and stage appearances and unpublished Freddy Breck music there is a previously unreleased song of farewell thank you sung by Astrid Breck with the title.” On December 17, 2008, died at home at the Tegernsee Gerhard Breker and remains in the hearts of his fans as Freddy Breck unforgotten forever.