Summit President

Interesting its pronouncement when he said that the current global economic crisis threatens the efforts made to return to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean towards the path of growth and the reduction of poverty. See threatened these achievements with sacrifices by the international collapse in which we have had nothing to do (a great truth) therefore, it is important to consider the need to build a new regional order which gives account of the transformations of a world that will not be the same. This means we relate not from subordination but from collaboration and cooperation added the President, that it is essential to provide funds to credit as the IDB (inter-American Development Bank) international agencies, so that through various plans we can provide continuity and sustainability to the growth our emerging economies. Faced with this reality and waiting for its official of President Obama United States discourse, this said, as brings it in the last two years, I have indicated and I repeat it today that I’m ready to make my Administration engage with the Cuban Government in a broad list of issues ranging from human rights, free speech and democratic to drug reform, migration and economic issues, I will be clear: I am not interested in talking on the talk. But I do believe that we can lead the Cuban relations in a new direction.

Will be on the lookout for the encounter, behavior, speech and opinion of the President Venezuelan Hugo Chavez who said their participation before with what moral I will go I to a Summit in which they are United States and Canada, but not Cuba?, Chavez reflected about the validity of the non-inclusion of Cuba, placed in the here and now and given the changes that have been taking place since then and said: Cuba is in Latin America. There is no sense that has incorporated the institutions, summits, mechanisms that work in the region and remains outside the Summit of the Americas and that point should be checked during the regional meeting. It must be careful about other shares, especially that of Obama, in order to determine what your plan, actions with this continent oara.