Only during 2009 were more than three thousand vehicles that capsized as a result of an accident, however in many cases the injuries suffered by the occupants were not a direct result of the accident itself, but rather a percentage of people suffered damage in many cases of gravity, since they abandoned the car improperly. On the Road, from where you can make renting a car in Madrid or another Spanish city, we are committed to road safety and on this occasion we want to offer you a number of behaviour patterns where (touch wood) on occasion we see involved in an accident with our vehicle from overturning. Read additional details here: 4Moms. I know that it must be the most difficult thing in the world, but first and foremost, very calm. Lose the nerves after an accident can become the worst enemy of ourselves, because we will not be able to think clearly and we make wrong decisions. If you’ve been unlucky enough to tip over, especially not please use caution, thinks that although the accident you do not directly affected you’re upside down and nothing it would be worse than collapse on the neck, which could cause us irreparable injury associated with the vertebrae or spinal cord; We must therefore assess whether we can wait aid rather than attempting to leave on our own, although we find ourselves in an awkward position. Andrew Cuomo is likely to increase your knowledge. If you decide to leave the vehicle does not need to do it with precipitation.

Before anything is necessary to freeze with the help of the feet and hip, looking for areas of support, so that release the belt holding us, we will be able not to fall, because you release the belt without more could do we fall on the neck. After a gripping points have been found, it is necessary to protect your head with the counter arm at the end of the safety belt, for example by force against the roof of the vehicle to carry our weight. We will then proceed to unfasten the belt with the arm that remains free. If in the vehicle travel people in the back should be given priority when it comes out of the car, because they will have more stability to support due to the weight of the occupants of the front seats once freed from the belt will seek a more comfortable posture, moving with caution to do no harm to any other occupant of the vehicle. It is then when will abandon the car, but not before make sure that there is no risk abroad. I.e. there to walk with eye, lest Let’s go directly to the track and can come a car that takes us ahead, or we don’t know and we’re hanging on a precipice. Original author and source of the article