Shih Tzu – The Miracle – A Small Lion

Heart of a lion and become a noble, mind and devotion – they do not take away. Wool streams, walk, what a fish swims, he is dear to every heart will find. Thousand years in ancient temples lived. To us with a rare Tibetan peaks Darom came. And baby you're in joy, and the lady to her face. Miracle – a small lion companion sage. "The lion head, bear torso, camel's foot, a tail like panicle to sweep dust, ear, like a palm leaf, teeth like a grain of rice, language, like pearl petal and movement, like ash fish, such a description of the breed standard Shih Tzu exists in Beijing Kennel Club.

Historically recognized that the birthplace of these dogs – the mountains of Tibet, where they brought a gift of Chinese emperors tibetskie monks – the Dalai Lama, saying that sending "lion dogs" and the Chinese, too, called them "lion", just in their own language. According to the myths (unfortunately, the record in Tibet is not curled up to 630g. BC), a close relative of the Shih Tzu, tibetsky Terrier, already existed in 800 BC By the end of the first century AD, Chinese emperors were seriously interested in small dogs, called dogs – share, which means short-legged dog. One such dog Emperor Ling Ti, who lived at 168 g., awarded the title of Chaus-Yan – the highest literary degree. For centuries, Shih Tzu taken out smaller and smaller sizes, and achieved this in different ways, sometimes even using the cells, where planting of puppies, giving them no develop to maturity. They breed in the imperial apartments were engaged eunuchs, competing with each other in growing dogs who love the emperor. Such dog minions depicted in paintings and tapestries, and the eunuchs received gifts. These are very smart little dogs stayed home and during the reign of the Ming Dynasty, it is very prized in the imperial family.

The Chinese emperors had their own quirks, such as say that the Empress Tzu-C small dogs were fed skim luxurious exotic dishes on the gold plate. Removal from the country was banned under pain of death, and those who managed to get permission to it could save your pet from deadly feast – meat from broken glass, and only after the death of Empress Tzu-Sea in 1908. they began to be smuggled to Europe. During the Revolution most of the dogs were destroyed along with their owners. Of the few survivors and was created by the Beijing club shih-tzu. And in 1934, with the participation of emigrant from Russia Madame D. Bruel was worked out first breed standard in China. After China became a republic (1912), some dogs came to the UK and Norway, and later in North America. In Russia, the first copies came from China in the late 40-ies of the XX Century, but widely popular breed has received only in the 80's. Shih Tzu is energetic and bold with an independent character, but is obedient and affectionate. Shih Tzu very high opinion of his Dos toinstvah – this allows them to be charming clowns, not dropping it. This cheerful and charming little lap dog, loves people and does not shall neglect. Wool Shih Tzu is long, dense, flexible, straight or wavy, not dumped on the floor and almost falls off, wash and brush the dog hair with good enough once a week.