About 4-5 years ago was a ferret home for Russia this exotic, ferret owners have been few, and breeders – so much so that almost all of them knew each other. Yet most of us have practiced the ideology that we bear full responsibility for those ferrets, kids, which give rise to our ferrets. We have tried to improve the gene pool of a population of ferrets, for this reason that each of us has been configured for the long and thorough work. We worked on quality, rather than on the mass, and sold not only to ferrets, but no empty words, our brand. Professionally breeding ferrets was similar to the arts. Was with us and share a common enemy: the mediators and breeders from the bird market, which wanted only one thing: to make profit, not caring about quality. They took not the quality and quantity.

And not so long ago appeared, and another competitor -% private breeders, which will be discussed in this article. Their motto is' selling ferret cheap, at small cost. " Magnifying himself 'breeders', they in fact are not professionals, but many of them are absolutely no different from market traders. So many latter-day zavedentsy ___ that traders from the bird market: 'worse, but cheaper. " Often the cost of the puppies at such zavedentsev was even lower than the bird, and reached 1500-2000 rubles. For the puppy, while ferrets from breeders Professionals – 6-9 thousand. Of course, the breeders themselves attributed this leash that 'no wind the price', but even it was very simple arithmetic to understand: so little value was only possible at the expense of 'quality' ferrets, kids. Soon it was confirmed in practice.

Among the selling of puppies has increased dramatically the percentage of patients either inadequately developed animals, most of whom were sick for life. And for every normal buyer's purpose to choose a professional breeder is very difficult. On the first hearing from a breeder, try to understand that first of all expect you to breeder: make sure you are prepared to retain ferret or quickly convince him to buy a ferret. First of all breeders will tell you about the problems of retention of the incompatibility of a ferret with flowers, birds and rodents, as well as with young children, the need for many communicate with the pet and so on. People who buy ferrets from us, they understand very well that do not need to save money on buying a ferret. For them, quite indifferent to price a ferret, but the quality of the animals. These are people who do not need 'A weasel', and needed just adequate, adapted to coexist with man kuny small, with a strong immunity and healthy psyche. These are people who Exciting ferret consciously examining information about these animals, and who will take care of your animal. In the future, these people find themselves in at least a better situation: in fact they are by nature strong, healthy and home, bring them joy for many years, and in case of questions when they whatever may appeal to his breeder and obtain professional advice.