Then the client is even more sure that you are proposing is exactly what suit him, that is working with him personally. 4. 'The main price, it determines the quality of' Another error is usually characteristic of good people who know all the pros and cons of trips and tours that they offer and their prices. I seen as some really interesting suggestions such as in terms of prices being presented horrible so that they do not want to take. When you offer tours, tours and other services for any money, whether it's a very cheap or vip tours, has always emphasized that the customer gets for his money at times more than it pays! 5. 'Sell pomaksimumu now' client in the long term will bring you much more income than if you are from the first tour will take him to the maximum. Suggest a new customer discount or rebate to the company say it will attract it to you.

6. 'I offer tours, tours, cruises,' You can offer tours cruise tours, but the client is looking for is not it! He is looking for emotions, leisure and entertainment, and please be prepared to pay more to someone who can give it to him, in that the key point to attract customers, that's how to build relationships with them. He will not because you have the best deals, and because you have to offer what he wants. 7. 'You can talk endlessly about their proposals' What does it lead? The client is lost in a sea of information and understands that this is probably not for him, or begins to look at yourself simple criterion – price. That is, you have to offer the same McDonald's only in the tourist business. Stop! Found out what a person looks and what he wants, tell me about a couple of the most interesting options, describing the first emotions and comfort, tell us about feedback. And let the customer think, maybe he'll ask you something else, maybe it will interest your opinion about the place where he had been "a cousin of old school friend of his ex-girlfriend, let the customer says.