Large Format Printing

Competition in the world of outdoor advertising is becoming more rigid. To select your brand from thousands of other "hyped" companies need unconventional approach and creative solutions. In an effort to make its advertising memorable and original, famous brands have resorted to using not only the creative designers and the entire design agencies, but also to non-standard support materials for large format advertising. Just about this tool win the love (and wallet) of the consumer we want to talk. Range of support materials for large format printing to date is truly great. Found in the ocean of existing materials so that will achieve the best quality finished products, while for the lowest of its cost – that's not an easy challenge for any manufacturer of outdoor advertising.

Let's see what tools we have in our disposal in order to solve this problem with maximum efficiency and minimum necessary expenditure. Paper Paper as a carrier material for large format printing offers tremendous opportunity "incarnation creativity in life. " For example, the interior advertising on the paper may print with photographic quality. Perfect it and to print posters and banners, and posters. For marketing purposes now being used as paper with coating, and without it. However, coated paper used consumer outdoor advertising much more frequently. Its principal difference – kind of coated paper from each other so that the coating provides precise overlay points and as a consequence – to save the exact boundaries of the transition from color to color, clarity, fine lines.