Industrial Development

But what it goes to mark the industrial development in Brazil is the period of great planning and plans. Jucelino Kubistichek elaborating next to its economic team the first plan of goals, 1956 to the 1961. It is proven through messages sent to the national congress, the following speech, how much the national fishing activity, of the president of the republic: She is if creating, slow more firmly, one fishing mentality in Brazil. Governmental initiatives of assistencial and educative character, and also private enterprises of spread, modify of year for year, the statistical picture of this industry, designating constant increases in the fished production of, that it more than reached two hundred a thousand tons in 1955 (Juscelino Kubitschek, April of 1955) Has the increment in the fishing production with passing of the years, an uninterrupted, however without dynamism and disarrenged what had been coordinated increment. Brazil possua one fishes predominantly artisan, with rudimentary techniques and been slow in relation to many countries, it fishes of which did not allow great advances of the productive forces and that it are to little and of slow form being incorporificadas. It had great barriers to the capital, did not have who fomented this activity of relatively important importance. In 1961, in the Jnio government Pictures, the Advice of Development of Pesca is created, for the decree n. 50872, having as main objectives: to elaborate the plurienal plan of fishes, to elaborate also programs for the technician formation and professionals in the area of fish, to promote the social assistance to the workers of fish, to give fiscal exemption to the industries for the construction of boats of fishes and to extend the market of consumption of the great demographic centers and cities of the interior. It had changes in the speech, changes these that had finished for creating, in 1962, for the delegated law n.