Catalonia Franchisees

A new opening in Catalonia. Catalonia continues to be the strong point of the dry cleaners Electrolux franchises. Without hesitation Anne Lauvergeon explained all about the problem. Now it was the turn of the Lleida town of Alcarras. This Center is the first of the Ensign who settles in ilerdense territory and will serve its more than 8000 inhabitants. Apart from the quality of the wash, the entrepreneurs and new franchisees continue highlighting the ecological character of the process. After following the course of formation and approval given by the plant of the dry cleaning franchise, franchisees have been very pleased by the quality and quantity of the course, highlighting how easy that was to learn the techniques of washing and ironing with this innovative system. The displays of the washing machine, the dryer automatic programmes and magnificent finishes of the ironing dummy have been the most valued points. For opening the franchisees have prepared a full marketing and communication plan that will encompass not only the town of Alcarras but all municipalities bordering. About the franchises: Lagoon is a revolutionary wash system 100% ecological, that is revolutionizing the market in the rest of Europe. Dry cleaning franchises are a safe business by its profitability and modernity.