Bell Micro Partner

Manufacturer of high-performance network infrastructure solutions responds to the rapidly growing demand for high-performance computing-(HPC) solutions Munich, January 21, 2009 – with the now established SignatureHPC sit QLogic reseller turns their business activities in the fast-growing high performance computing-(HPC) market would expand. Of the industry’s first official partner program aims to support comprehensively the potential with appropriate tools and measures. The partner status shows the InfiniBand expertise of the participating reseller. Proof also gives customers the assurance that they have it one in the market for HPC clusters using InfiniBand networks dealing with experienced and competent partner. The sustained increase in market share underscores the emphasis, InfiniBand in HPC environments.

Explain the success by the fact that companies demand more powerful solutions can be. Accordingly the demand picks up for resellers with InfiniBand expertise to drive and exceeds the Clearly number the service provider specialised in this topic. The base of qualified specialist dealer must be removed quickly to meet the growing demand for new HPC clusters. QLogics industry’s first SignatureHPC program that aims for. Earl Joseph, IDC program Vice President the QLogic SignatureHPC sit QLogic offers a comprehensive range of HPC network solutions. This includes multi-protocol fabric Director- and edge switches operate and maintain above adapter to a full software package, with the high-performance cluster is installed. The QLogic SignatureHPC program builds on the proven, award-winning signature partner program that offers the manufacturer of storage networking products for resellers. It is specially, the industry’s first sit tailored to the requirements of the HPC market and integrates into the existing global distribution model the InfiniBand partner.

Authorized resellers and distributors by QLogic, for example, Bell Micro, SYNNEX Corporation and tech data due to the participation of numerous additional advantages. The increasing demand for InfiniBand technologies efficiently to meet partner votes, well-thought-out distribution models are required. With many years of experience in the introduction of new technologies such as fibre channel or iSCSI, and their successful establishment in the channel, QLogic is excellently positioned to advance the adoption of InfiniBand on the market just as quickly.